This made my day: VivoCity Kopitiam manager treats pregnant woman who had no cash to lunch

This made my day: VivoCity Kopitiam manager treats pregnant woman who had no cash to lunch
PHOTO: Facebook/Pamela Loh

Suddenly realising you have no cash on hand can be quite unsettling, especially when you're hungry.

On Wednesday (Dec 22), Pamela Loh, who is heavily pregnant, was on the hunt for some Pepper Lunch, which brought her to the VivoCity Kopitiam foodcourt.

She had her credit card and handphone, but without any cash, she realised getting a meal wouldn't be straightforward.

Thankfully, she came across a gem of a person in the form of Kopitiam manager Iqbal, who treated her to a free meal.

Loh recounted her experience in a Facebook post which has been shared 670 times and received over 4,600 positive reactions.


That day, she tried to purchase a Kopitiam stored value card with her credit card but Iqbal mentioned it would be better to pay by cash.

Loh asked if she could transfer $20 to Iqbal via PayNow in exchange for cash. Instead, he asked Loh to proceed with her order and he then tapped his own Kopitiam card for payment.

"I had already whipped out my phone, logged into PayNow and was just waiting for his mobile number. And then he turned to me and said the meal was on him," Loh said.

She found it such a sweet act and was grateful to have met Iqbal. Facebook users were similarly positive in the comments sections, many bigging up Iqbal for being so kind-hearted.

A Facebook user mentioned that Loh should carry some cash when she goes out.

Another good Samaritan was spotted at Chinatown Complex in June. The young woman bought a packet of food for a stranger sleeping on the ground, leaving the food behind quietly so as to not wake him up.

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