This made my day: Woman shares extra CNY goodies with migrant workers, encourages others to do so

PHOTO: Facebook/Grace Cheong

The ongoing Lunar New Year celebrations may have left you with an excess of snacks and if you don't know what to do with them, how about donating them for a good cause?

That's what netizen Grace Cheong did and yesterday (Feb 4), she took to Facebook to share how she decided to donate her unopened new year goodies to some migrant workers to spread the festive cheer. 

In the post, she explained that she gifted a bag of snacks to the workers outside a condominium that she was marketing. 

She admitted that initially, they seemed a little hesitant as she approached them probably because "they weren’t too sure what [she] was up to". 

However, upon seeing the bag of goodies, they warmed up to her. 

"It thrills me to see how such a small gesture was more than sufficient to light up happy faces," Grace shared happily as she encouraged others to do the same.

This isn't the first time someone has shown an act of kindness to our migrant workers; last year, an auntie doled out $50 notes to a number of them at Admiralty. 

In another instance, a TikToker forked out time to whip up some piping hot meals for migrant workers who were toiling away in the rain. 

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