Man allegedly initiates fight with one he simply could not take on at Great World City

Man allegedly initiates fight with one he simply could not take on at Great World City
PHOTO: Screengrab/Reddit/gormee

Choose your battles wisely, they alway say but apparently not so for one man who allegedly picked a fight with another, challenging him to "settle outside".

The fact that the other guy was almost twice his size didn't seem to deter this man at Great World City. 

A video of two men engaging in a heated brawl at Great World City made its rounds on social media on Sunday (June 5), drawing the attention of onlookers and netizens likening it to a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) match of sorts. 

Except that it was rather one-sided from the very start, with the odds heavily skewed towards the one being challenged, the larger man, a Caucasian, dominating the fight.

Recorded by a bystander, the 26-second viral clip of the fight quickly made its way onto social media platforms such as Reddit Singapore, and Facebook.

The one who posted the video on both Facebook and Reddit claimed that the smaller-sized man purposely knocked into the Caucasian guy and "jio" him to "go outside" and "settle".

He said that the "scrawny" man was hammered before a passerby stopped the action. 

The video shows the Caucasian man throwing a series of kicks, punches and elbows at the other man who had allegedly threw the first punch.

The man was then seen retreating and using his arm to absorb the impact, before he was hurled towards the glass wall of the mall and landed on the floor.

Some netizens speculated that the Caucasian may have been trained in martial arts or other forms of combat given the way he fought back, and questioned if he took the fight too far.

Another suggested that there's no fight here as "a fight is two way traffic" adding that in this situation "we just have a guy being beaten up".

While some netizens remarked that the fight was clearly doomed from the start, other netizens commented that the two men put up a good fight.

When contacted, the police said that they were informed about a fight between two men along Kim Seng Promenade on June 5 and both were arrested for affray on June 6. 

The police said that investigations are ongoing.

On June 4, two middle-aged men were involved in a scuffle at a coffeeshop in Yishun, with one man arrested and the other taken to the hospital.

The fight allegedly broke out as one man was displeased that the beer promoter was not being fair, pouring drinks for some customers but not others.

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