Man left bleeding from head after he was allegedly beaten up at Clarke Quay, 3 men arrested

Man left bleeding from head after he was allegedly beaten up at Clarke Quay, 3 men arrested
A shirtless man is seen bleeding from his head at Clarke Quay.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/Singapore Incidents

When celebrations get a little too rowdy, sometimes people do get hurt — bad.

In a video posted to Facebook last night (May 3), a Caucasian man at Clarke Quay was filmed panting heavily and walking away from at least three men in suits while bleeding from his head.

Eric, the person who recorded the video, told AsiaOne that this man had attempted to enter the Highlander Bar and Restaurant at Clarke Quay on Sunday (May 1) night when some men stopped him.

Some four to five men in black suits, presumably employees of Highlander, then started hitting the victim, said Eric.

Although it was uncertain why the fight began, one of them threw the first punch, Eric told AsiaOne.

"They punched him — all head shots," Eric claimed.

Eric said that he saw one of the men smashing an object made of glass on the victim's head.

Three men have been arrested in relation to the case, said the police.

In the video, the victim was then seen stumbling away from the group of men, stopping momentarily and gesturing around, as though disoriented. 

He appeared to have sustained at least two wounds to his head, one above his brow and another at the back of his head. 

At this point, Eric said that the one of the attackers tried to get him to stop filming.

"Bro, don't record lah!" A person can be heard saying in Eric's video. Eric then told the person not to touch his phone.

The video ended after the victim was seen stopping beside another person, scrolling through his phone.

Eric told AsiaOne that the attackers had stopped him from recording after that.

When contacted, the police said that they were "alerted to a case of assault" at River Valley Road on May 1, at 11.55pm.

"Three men, aged between 39 and 48, were arrested in relation to the case," the police said.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told AsiaOne that they responded to a call at 3B River Valley Road, also at 11.55pm on May 1.

"SCDF conveyed one person to Singapore General Hospital," they added.

When contacted, Highlander said that they are aware of the incident but are unable to comment on the situation due to ongoing police investigations.

One netizen on Facebook wondered if the victim had been the cause of the fight.

"Looks like local bouncers ejecting drunk Caucasian troublemaker," he surmised.

Other users, however, felt that there was more to it. 

"He did not get into a fight he got assaulted by five of them without throwing a punch back, took out his shirt to wipe off his blood," one user said.

Clarke Quay has had other incidents where blows have drawn blood.

In March, an attack from behind left a man needing 20 stitches to his head, leaving his girlfriend horrified.

Events like these have prompted increased police presence in the past — such as the anti-riot police seen at the start of April — especially with Covid restrictions relaxing as of late.

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