Money down the drain: Singapore Ferrari convoy goes on road trip in Malaysia, one ends up in ditch

Money down the drain: Singapore Ferrari convoy goes on road trip in Malaysia, one ends up in ditch
After several Ferrari owners were caught driving dangerously on the road, one of them ended up in a ditch.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Sitirohayahahmad_85, Melhaiqal

A Singapore Ferrari convoy on a road trip in Malaysia thought they could reach their final destination in style, but one of them would have to find another ride home.

A TikTok video shared by Sitirohayahahmad_85 on Sunday (Nov 6) showed some of the brazen drivers overtaking at double white lines on the road.

"Fortunately there was no car accident. They were really close to us just now, very outrageous," the TikTok user said, adding that she had crossed paths with the convoy in Kelantan.

But in another video shared by Sitirohayahahmad_85 on the same day, one of the Singapore-registered Ferrari was seen in a ditch at the side of the road.


Another Malaysian netizen, who said she happened to witness the same accident, gave her take on what had happened.

TikTok user Melhaiqal said in Malay: "I felt ashamed of myself that since our road conditions are so bad, the driver lost control of his car when he tried to avoid a pothole and crashed into the grass patch." 

In the comments, it's clear that some netizens do not have any sympathy for the Ferrari convoy.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of, no one asked them to race here," a netizen said, while another shared that this was not the first time drivers from neighbouring countries were caught "showing off' on Malaysian expressways.

"If they are caught breaking the rules, they should be fined before they leave", a netizen quipped.

In another incident of drivers of Singapore-registered vehicles behaving badly in Malaysia, several Porsche owners were seen overtaking dangerously on a highway near Kota Tinggi.

Footage of the incident that was shared on Facebook in July showed the luxury vehicles narrowing avoiding other oncoming cars.

Malaysian police have since identified the seven vehicles involved and requested the co-operation of the owners to assist with investigations.


And in June, a driver of a Singapore-registered Mercedes was caught flinging his trash out at a parking lot in Malaysia.

After a video of his act was shared on TikTok, several netizens called out the driver for his "disgraceful" behaviour.

But others questioned the TikTok user's claims that the driver is a Singaporean, and felt that "shaming" this driver is unnecessary.

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