'Never disrespect my mum': Singaporean buys multiple bags after mum was ignored at Dior outlet in Rome

'Never disrespect my mum': Singaporean buys multiple bags after mum was ignored at Dior outlet in Rome
A woman was allegedly disrespected at a Dior store in Rome for "looking poor".
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Nahtyourbby

If you're shopping at a store of one of the world's well-known luxury brands, the least you'd expect is basic customer service.

However, it seems like a woman was given the cold shoulder when she was shopping alone at a Dior outlet in Rome earlier this month.

A sales associate allegedly ignored the woman and refused to show her the items she requested, because the way she dressed made her "look poor", the woman's daughter suggested.

On May 18, Singaporean TikTok user Nahtyourbby posted a video of her taking her mum back to the same store.

"I know the SA (sales associate) life is a tough life. You can disrespect me but never disrespect my mum," she said.


On the second visit, a different sales associate served the middle-aged woman, now accompanied by her daughter.

"He gave us basic customer service, he gave us coffee and water and it was super hot," Nahtyourbby explained.

From the video, it looked like they bought several bags. 

Not that it impressed the sales associate who first ignored Nahtyourbby's mum, as she allegedly turned to her colleague to wish him congratulations in a sarcastic manner just as they were making payment.

With the TikTok video getting over eight million views, some netizens were left scratching their heads as they wondered if there was a need for Nahtyourbby to flaunt her wealth.

"Rich people's problems are so funny," one said.

Others pointed to the fact that the sales associate's behaviour is a common sales tactic and unfortunately, the mother-daughter pair fell for it.

Nahtyourbby disagreed, suggesting there might have been racist undertones to the staff's behaviour.

Among the light-hearted replies were users wondering about Nahtyourbby's occupation, given that she spent quite a handsome sum of money on the shopping spree in Italy. 

Nahtyourbby mentioned that a previous job of hers was helping students write their college admission essays. Over the course of six years, she apparently accumulated about US$40,000 (S$54,000).

She currently works as a product marketing manager, earning $150,000 a year.

On May 30, she posted another TikTok video relating to her Rome shopping spree, stating that she was not willing to admit to any fault.

"By no means was I trying to take revenge, prove a point or have anyone fired. I just wanted a good shopping experience and a polite store associate," she explained.

After all, as mentioned in her viral video, she'd do anything to make her mum happy.

AsiaOne has contacted Nahtyourbby for more information.

In March, a young woman in Singapore bought her mother a Louis Vuitton bag, 10 years after the older woman claimed that she did not look good enough to enter a Louis Vuitton store.

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