'Not the first victim': Motorcyclist throws urine at bus for parking in favourite spot at Tampines car park

'Not the first victim': Motorcyclist throws urine at bus for parking in favourite spot at Tampines car park
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/SG Road Vigilante

Incensed that a vehicle had occupied his favourite spot at a parking lot in Tampines, one motorcyclist decided to retaliate in the worst way possible. 

In a YouTube video shared by SG Road Vigilante on Monday (Feb 20), the caption said: "There's a bully [who] dominates a parking space."

Adding that the incident happened on Jan 31 at around 7.30pm, a 40-second clip showed a man in a helmet splashing a bag of liquid at a bus.

After doing the deed, the perpetrator calmly walked back to his motorcycle before driving away.


According to the video description, the liquid thrown at the bus appeared to be urine – and it's not the man's first rodeo.

"I didn't know until after the incident that I was not the first victim [sic]," SG Road Vigilante wrote.

In the comments, several netizens were baffled with the motorcyclist's antics.

"Why is he keeping urine in his rear box? That's the question," one of them said, while another pointed out that the man shouldn't be parking his motorcycle at his "usual spot" since it's meant for heavy vehicles.

Stinky situations

In another incident where someone retaliated with the same modus operandi, a Toa Payoh resident was recently caught pouring urine out of his bedroom window.

Speaking to AsiaOne then, Valient Khong shared that his wayward neighbour would do it every morning.

"Once the urine [spilled] into my neighbour's bedroom window. They made multiple complaints to HDB but no action has been taken thus far," the 45-year-old cabby said.

And last November, a 57-year-old Punggol resident claimed that she had been subjected to noise, urine and garbage from her neighbour upstairs for the past five years.

The woman, surnamed Lim, told Shin Min Daily News then that her neighbour upstairs had been allegedly making "rumbling" mechanical sounds and knocking noises almost every morning and afternoon.

However, when Shin Min spoke to the neighbour in question, Xu, he denied Lim's allegations and accused her of baselessly reporting him to the authorities for taking in illegal foreign workers.

Xu added: "I go out early and come back late every day. There is no one at home. It is impossible to make noise during the day or throw urine and litter. Although I smoke, I don't throw cigarette butts outside."

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