Otterly cute? Otters feast on koi after sneaking into Newton condo pool

Otterly cute? Otters feast on koi after sneaking into Newton condo pool
PHOTO: Facebook screengrabs

Otter sightings never fail to brighten up Singaporeans' days.

The cute critters have made an appearance again, and this time around they had a splashin' good time in the swimming pool of a condominium in Newton.

In a clip circulating on social media on Sunday (Feb 8), a group of smooth-coated otters could be seen taking a leisurely swim in Park Infinia@Wee Nam's lap pool.

As they frolicked in the water, one of them was spotted munching on a koi fish which it appeared to have swiped from the condominium's koi pond.

For those wondering where the creatures came from, it's quite likely that they had snuck into the premises from the nearby Rocher River.

Otters invade condo, steal koi fish, bring to pool to feast and swim laps from r/singapore

Despite the trespassing (and theft), netizens appear to be giving them a free pass.

Some Reddit users said they'd like to join the otters for a swim, while others worried whether the chlorine in the pool water would affect them.

Several others also wondered if the endangered animals were forced to expand their hunting grounds due to human encroachment of their natural habitats.

In recent years, otters have adapted to Singapore's urban landscape, nature enthusiasts noted, and the curious creatures have been spotted navigating the buildings and streets with ease.

However, they also appear to have developed a taste for ornamental koi.


As adorable as they may be, NParks has shared a few tips on otter-watching:

- Do not touch, chase or corner the otters. Observe them from a distance as getting too close to the otters may frighten them

- Do not feed the animals because they have natural eating habits and food in their own environment

- Do not talk loudly or use flash when taking photos, as these actions may startle the creatures

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