Singaporeans give up on Johor Bahru holiday after waiting over 2 hours at Malaysia customs

Singaporeans give up on Johor Bahru holiday after waiting over 2 hours at Malaysia customs
PHOTO: TikTok/Screengrab/Shiffythecow

Most people heading to Malaysia during the holidays are prepared to wait to clear customs, but not all are patient enough to endure the long hours.

One such traveller from Singapore was Shivani Meka, who uploaded a TikTok video on Tuesday (June 6) documenting her experience travelling to Johor Bahru over the recent long weekend.

Shivani and her companion had already reached Malaysia customs, but decided to give up after queueing for two hours there.

In her video, the pair was seen starting their journey at a bus terminal in Singapore at 10am. 

When they reached the bus terminal, there was already a long queue. 

"Line was already snaking, which is obvious because you're going in at 10am on a public holiday," Shivani said. 

They waited for around 90 minutes and finally boarded a bus that travelled across the Causeway. 

Clearing customs at Woodlands checkpoint was relatively smooth and they were done by 11.45am.

While their bus ride to Malaysian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) was "really crowded", Shivani noted that it was "pretty fast" as there was a designated bus lane. 

The real nightmare was the wait at CIQ itself, which Shivani and her travel companion reached around 12.30pm. 

"There were swarms of people and it was packed like sardines," she recounted, adding that there were no clear queues or lines in the building to follow. 

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The place wasn't just crowded — it was also hot.

Shivani said she saw several people fanning themselves, as well as others who needed medication because they felt faint.

At around 2.30pm, the pair decided to give up on their trip and return to Singapore. 

"The line was hardly moving," Shivani said. 

In the comments, some netizens said it was a good idea that she left the queue. 

One suggested that people could be waiting five to seven hours in the queue at the Malaysia customs that day.  

AsiaOne has reached out to Shivani for more details. 

Long queues at checkpoints, public holiday or not 

This long weekend alone, about 250,000 people left Singapore for Malaysia via the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. 

And ever since the borders reopened last April, the land borders have seen snaking queues, especially on the weekends.

Last August, one woman shared that she had endured a bad five-hour queue at CIQ

She had reached at about 11.50am and only got her passport stamped at around 5pm. 

While queueing, she even had time to eat snacks "picnic-style" and read a book. 

Driving into Malaysia wasn't any better. 

In fact, one man found himself cooking lunch inside his truck while stuck in a two-hour jam at the Causeway. 

With a portable gas stove and mess tin, he cooked some instant noodles topped with eggs and sausages.

"Woodlands jam? Worry about my food first," he said. 

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