Spitting at LRT lift buttons 'more than mischief': SBS Transit

PHOTO: Reddit/Frogsama86

Lift buttons — we've been pushing them using our house keys, pens or chopsticks during the coronavirus outbreak.

While Singaporeans are taking care of each other by hanging bottles of hand sanitisers in the lifts of HDB estates, a prankster has shown up in Sengkang.

In a photo that surfaced on Reddit Singapore on Feb 20, it appears that someone has spat all over the lift buttons at Rumbia LRT station.

Netizens were disgusted by the act, with some commenting that the culprit should go to jail, and others who live in the area were saying that they would take the stairs instead of the lift.

"This is an abhorrent act even under normal circumstances. In the present situation, it's more than mischief," Tammy Tan, SBS Transit's senior vice president of corporate communications told AsiaOne.

The LRT operator has made a police report and will assist with their investigations, she added.

For commuters worried about the dirtied lift, Tan said that it has since been cleaned and disinfected.

Earlier this month, a man in Guangxi, China, was arrested after he was caught spitting on lift buttons on CCTV.

Although he was not infected with the coronavirus, his behaviour caused panic among the residents living in the same apartment block.

Since we can't avoid touching lift buttons, the best way to ward off the virus is to wash your hands with soap and water, and don't touch your face with your hands.

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Posted by AsiaOne on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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