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'Stranger danger isn't funny': Women confront man for following and taking their pictures

'Stranger danger isn't funny': Women confront man for following and taking their pictures
PHOTO: TikTok/Janerallynice

While Singapore is a relatively safe place, it always helps to stay vigilant, especially at night. 

That's what this two women learned after encountering a man who took pictures and followed them in the wee hours of the morning. 

One of the women, who goes by the username Janerallynice, voiced out about the incident in two TikTok videos uploaded on Tuesday (Jan 31) and Wednesday (Feb 1). 

"Stranger danger isn't so funny anymore," she said in the video captions. 

Janerallynice shared that she and her friend were hanging out at a void deck between 1am to 3am when the other woman noticed a "strange man" staring at them from a nearby fitness corner. 

She didn't say which HDB estate she was at. 

As Janerallynice was partially hidden by a wall, her friend pointed out that the man was staring at her. 

In response, Janerallynice refused to look in the man's direction and told her friend to ignore him. 

But then, her friend noticed the man was taking pictures of them and told Janerallynice: "I saw his phone got flash [sic]." 


Janerallynice continued to avoid looking at the man's direction and asked her friend to ignore him. 

She also assumed that it was probably a resident "being nosy" because the women were out so late. 

"Turns out, I was very wrong about that, and how I wish it was the case," she said. 

He didn't stop following them 

Scared, Janerallynice's friend insisted on leaving the void deck. 

But when they started walking, the man stood up "almost immediately" and began tailing them. 

When Janerallynice eventually turned around to see how far the man was, she was shocked to find that he was steadily closing the gap. 

Thinking the best course of action was to head to the main road, the women quickened their pace and ended up at a bus stop. 

"Decided to camp there as it was the nearest lighted-up area," explained Janerallynice. 

The man didn't follow them to the bus stop. Instead, he stood at a nearby electrical box for five minutes before walking in the women's direction again. 

He then walked past the bus stop and stood behind a tree for around 10 minutes before he "walked back again". 

'This is not okay'

Janerallynice then gained the courage to confront the man and questioned him why he was following and taking pictures of them. 

But instead of answering her question, he asked the women if they minded if he followed them. 

After some back and forth, the spunky Janerallynice told him: "This is not okay. You don't go around following people in the dark and just not say anything and take pictures." 


The women also requested to see the photos on the man's phone but he said he was unable to show them as his phone was out of battery. 

"Honestly, deep down it was terrifying until I confronted him because I felt like I was in control of the situation after," she told a netizen. 

She later added in the comments section that it was a ridiculous situation, and how it was  "an odd way to hit girls up". 

AsiaOne has reached out to Janerallynice for more details. 

Masturbating in middle of field 

Back in October, a woman shared that she was on the way home when she encountered a man allegedly masturbating in the middle of a field near Punggol Interchange. 

She had initially thought he was just "scratching his crotch" but to her horror, as she got nearer, she realised he was masturbating. 

She tried to walk quickly past him but he then started "speed walking" towards her, all while he was still holding onto his genitals. 

The woman then ran and eventually the man stopped following her. 

She also witnessed him allegedly doing the same thing exposing himself to yet another girl who was crossing the field. 

The woman had considered submitting the video she took of the incident to the police but eventually decided against it as it "didn't have a clear view of" what the man looked like. 

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