'The struggle is real': BlueSG users find themselves stuck inside car during CNY

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Jaydenpangg

Chinese New Year is about harvesting all the good fortune, but these BlueSG users needed more than luck to escape their tricky situation.

In a TikTok video shared on Wednesday (Jan 25), Jaydenpangg and his companions were stuck inside an electric vehicle that they rented through the car-sharing company.

But the trio took all the misfortune in their stride by posing for a selfie and calling BlueSG's customer service for help.


After parking the vehicle, Jaydenpangg expertly escaped through the window - not a pretty sight.

"The struggle is real, oh my God," he quipped, while his friend was seen waving goodbye to the rental car.

If there was one takeaway from this whole episode, Jaydenpangg had noted it in the video caption.

"Using all our luck during Chinese New Year was a bad idea," he said.

AsiaOne has contacted Jaydenpangg and BlueSG for more information. 

'Should have exited via boot'

In the comments, netizens suggested alternative ways on how Jaydenpangg and his friends could have escaped from the car.

"Should have exited via boot instead of dirtying the door trim," a netizen said.

Another netizen gave his take on what could have gone wrong.

"Never turn off the engine, put it in parking mode," he said.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Jaydenpangg

For users like this trio who face technical issues while driving, they should call the customer relations centre immediately at +65 3163 7800 or press the blue button on the car's dashboard for assistance, BlueSG states in their website.

Driving BlueSG to Johor?

In other incidents of BlueSG vehicles and their users being in the spotlight, a rental electric vehicle seen in Woodlands Checkpoint had some netizens puzzled.

This picture, which was posted on Facebook in April last year, was shared on the Facebook pages of both BlueSG Users Group and SG Road Vigilante.

One netizen asked if it's an offence to drive to Johor and "will the person get fine?"

BlueSG has clarified that users are only allowed to drive their vehicles only in Singapore as they are not allowed to pass the immigration checkpoints.

And in Nov 2021, a BlueSG driver on the road was shocked after the vehicle's wheel fell off and rolled away.

Taking to Facebook then, Tian Lee Wong shared how she was lucky to stop the car in time before the incident.

"Can't imagine if I was driving at the expressway," she said.

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