Sylvia Chan hiring new staff for Gushcloud and Savour365, says she'll never be a 'nice boss'

Sylvia Chan hiring new staff for Gushcloud and Savour365, says she'll never be a 'nice boss'
Sylvia Chan is looking for new faces to join her at Gushcloud and Savour365.
PHOTO: Instagram/Sylvia Chan

Settling into her new job, Sylvia Chan is on the lookout for fresh faces to join her team. 

The 34-year-old said she decided to do an Ask Me Anything on Instagram on Monday (Dec 5) as she was in a "good mood". 

In one of her replies to her followers, Chan mentioned that she was looking for people to join Gushcloud as well as her new company Savour365,

Just last month, she took on a new role at Gushcloud, a global creator and entertainment company, joining as their regional head of content & intellectual property.

Savour365, on the other hand, is a media platform that features real-life stories relating to mental and physical wellness.

Now that Chan is starting anew, some netizens asked how the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) was able to bounce back from last year's saga where her former employees accused her of workplace bullying.

"When the world gives you lemons, we make lemonade," she replied.

Chan also thanked her followers for their support, adding that she would share her "lessons and learnings" in a podcast that launches next year. 

Another netizen asked her if she has "changed for the better" since the saga, but got the answer, "What does 'better' look like?" 

In her usual frank manner, Chan admitted that she will never be a "nice boss" who hangs out with her employees for drinks after work and allows them to submit their work late. 

Instead, she'll be the one who "sends them articles to read, books to discuss, workshops, and events to attend together". 

That being said, Chan has made it clear that those looking to join her team should be "driven, self-initiated and love learning".  

"Otherwise, you will hate it here," she warned. 

Last October, Chan was embroiled in controversy after audio recordings and conversation snippets emerged online showing her allegedly mistreating her former employees at NOC. 

She later apologised for her actions in a statement, acknowledging that she "did not live up to the standards expected of [her]". 

"I always thought that a leader should be tough and I now realise that I may have come on too strong and people have now perceived me to be unkind and rude," she said at the time.

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