Uncle in hot water after taking a body soak in Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Uncle in hot water after taking a body soak in Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Sembawang Hot Spring Park has been open for less than two weeks, and the display of inconsiderate behaviour from some visitors has yet to stop.

If you thought pieces of egg shells floating in the hot spring water was bad, another visitor has taken things up a notch.

Not content with dipping his feet in the foot bath, a middle-aged man recently sat down in the lowest tier of the park's cascading pool.

Although the pool was shallow, he managed to submerge the lower half of his body in the hot spring water.

His impromptu soak was captured by Ryan Tyras, who uploaded the photo on Facebook.

In his post, Tyras said that the man's actions drove visitors away from the water feature.

"Yes, you can wipe down your body with a towel and a pail (of hot spring water) but you shouldn't dip your whole body (in it)," he wrote.

While visitors are welcome to collect hot spring water to make their own onsen eggs, Tyras said the pool was not meant for the man to "boil his 'eggs' (testicles)."

Just like the hot spring water, the man's behaviour has got netizens steaming.

"If the temperature of the hot spring water could be adjusted, I'd boil the water and cook him there," an enraged Facebook user wrote.

Another said that the park needs to put up clear signs indicating what is allowed and what is not there.

Several users said they were disgusted by the man's behaviour and added that they would reconsider taking foot baths or cooking eggs at the park.

Others suggested educating visitors on hot spring etiquette, such as cleaning themselves with soap and water or rinsing themselves off before getting into the water.

According to NParks, bathing in the hot spring is a no-no in its books. The washing and drying of clothes at the facility is not allowed either.

In response to AsiaOne's queries, NParks' Group Director of Parks Chuah Hock Seong said: "We have deployed staff on the ground to advise people on proper behaviour, as well as installed more signs with guidelines on using the amenities.

"We have also put in place a cleaning regime, with higher frequency on occasions where there is higher visitorship. The water in the cascading pool overflows into the drain after flowing through the lowest tier of the pool and will not be recycled.

"While most of our visitors are considerate, we would like to remind visitors to observe the following etiquette so that everyone can enjoy the park:

  • Eggs should be cooked at the main water collection point, with a separate receptacle provided for this purpose
  • For safety and hygiene reasons, visitors should not bathe, immerse or swim in the Cascading Pool.
  • Unwanted hot spring water should be emptied into drains and not poured back into the pool or on the plants. This will keep the hot spring clean and allow the flora in the area to thrive

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