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Who peed on his sandals? Man borrows neighbour's baby cam to catch culprit

Who peed on his sandals? Man borrows neighbour's baby cam to catch culprit
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/ongisaac

What would you do if your footwear had been subjected to a "golden shower"?

Well, that was exactly what one unlucky resident had to deal with.

In a six-second TikTok video uploaded on Monday (April 10), a user known as Isaac Ong shared about how he has been noticing someone urinating on his sandals.

"Just found out someone in my block has been coming to my unit to p**s on my sandals," the user wrote in the video.

"Based on the pee markings, the dude apparently picks them up, takes them to the little drainage area, pees on them and then puts it back. Life is weird."

He did not indicate in the video which HDB estate he lives in. 

The video has since received 210,000 views on the platform.

@ongisaac #goldenhour #yellow ♬ original sound - sweetsaudioz

In the comments, some netizens offered advice to the user, with one telling him that he should invest in getting a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera, while another provided a "spicier" solution.

Other netizens were more cavalier, jokingly that the perpetrator was "marking" him, and that he should "pee on him" as revenge.

In a subsequent video, Ong took some of the netizens' advice and shared that he had borrowed his neighbour's baby camera "ready to catch our lover".

"I hope this guy pees and poops again," the man wrote, adding that they "found some faeces in the drain" as well.

@ongisaac Replying to @Van #neighbourhoodwatch ♬ Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

The update got netizens invested in how the saga will unfold, with one quipping that "this drama [is] more exciting than Mediacorp sia".

AsiaOne has contacted Ong for more details.

Peeing on the same wall

While this urinating culprit may choose this random person's sandals to pee on routinely, others would rather go for something else. Not the toilet, but rather, a particular wall at a car park.

Last year, a woman known as Pauline Wee took to Facebook and shared a video of men taking turns to urinate at the same wall of a parking lot at Enterprise Hub in Jurong East.

"Really don't understand [this]. A coffee shop is nearby but they don't like to urinate there," the frustrated woman wrote, claiming that the men would "visit" the wall every weekend.

Speaking with AsiaOne, Wee shared that since last year, she has been seeing trash left behind in the area which also reeked of urine.

The 40-year-old administrative executive said that CCTV footage confirmed her long-held suspicion that the culprits were migrant workers who would have their meals there.

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