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Why do they pee on the same wall every weekend? Woman asks after catching men in the act at Jurong East

Why do they pee on the same wall every weekend? Woman asks after catching men in the act at Jurong East
Wee claimed that the men would urinate on the same wall every weekend.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Pauline Weewee

Do you have a go-to place to relieve yourself? For these men, it just happened to be on a particular wall in Jurong East.

Taking to Facebook on Wednesday (June 22), Pauline Wee shared a video of several men taking turns to urinate on the same wall of a parking lot at Enterprise Hub along Toh Guan Road East. 

"Really don't understand [this]. A coffee shop is nearby but they don't like to urinate there," the frustrated woman wrote, claiming that the men would "visit" the wall every weekend.

Earlier this week, Wee had complained on social media about the "distressing" litter situation at Enterprise Hub.

After the three-minute clip was re-posted online, several netizens expressed their outrage towards the men for answering nature's call in the open. 

A netizen wondered: "[Does] the wall have some attraction for guys to pee there?"

Speaking with AsiaOne on Thursday, Wee shared that since last year, she has been seeing trash left behind in the area which also reeked of urine.

The 40-year-old administrative executive said that CCTV footage confirmed her long-held suspicion that the culprits were migrant workers who would have their meals there.

Wee added: "Seems like they are getting more ridiculous.

"To urinate in public and beside the cars [parked there]... That's very wrong [and] unhygienic."

AsiaOne has contacted Enterprise Hub's management office for comment.

Past incidents of people peeing in public left netizens feeling repulsed by their lack of civic-mindedness. 

In April, a Singaporean driver was caught peeing by the sidewalk in Malaysia, while a man was spotted urinating in front of a woman's car last January at a carpark along Gambas Crescent.

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