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'Whose child is this?' Woman calls out teen for repeatedly stealing food delivery orders

'Whose child is this?' Woman calls out teen for repeatedly stealing food delivery orders
The teen had also allegedly stolen the woman's food delivery order one month ago.
PHOTO: Facebook/Eyna Ariffin

One moment the food was there, the next it was gone.

A woman's food delivery orders were allegedly stolen from her doorstep by the same culprit not just once, but twice.

Upset that her food had been swiped once more in the early hours of today (Oct 26), Eyna Ariffin took to Facebook to vent her frustrations and call out the thief.

"First you stole my Monster Curry a month or so ago, today my Geprek? You don't f*** with my food kid," she warned in another post.

The hungry woman had placed a late-night delivery order from Burger Geprek at Woodlands North Plaza which arrived at 3.24am.

A photo taken by her food delivery rider showed her food hanging from a hook on her front gate.

But she never got her food, however, when it was nicked shortly after its delivery.

CCTV footage she uploaded in her post showed a teenage boy standing in front of her door and walking away at 3.32am.

Eyna Ariffin shared that a previous delivery order made on Sept 22 had previously gone missing, and claims that the same teen had also stolen the food.

"I have never had my food stolen for the whole time Grab food delivery has been alive. I've forgotten to even take my food once for whole night and it was there still," she elaborated, adding that the thefts only started this September.

Police report lodged

In another post on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, the vexed woman stated that both delivery orders had cost her a combined total of almost $50.

"I want to find the parents. Whose child is this?" she asked.

"I still cannot accept. Until now i haven't eaten. I'm very upset I didn't get to eat what I wanted yesterday."

A police report has been lodged, according to Eyna Ariffin.

Netizens were shocked by the culprit's actions, with one commenting: "Not a kid anymore, grown man. Should know is wrong to steal.

"Wrong from the start!!! Food is a big no to mess with. Glad that you had the camera installed," exclaimed another.

The Woodlands resident told AsiaOne that she will continue placing food delivery orders as some of those F&B establishments are located further away from her house.

“But I will take preventive measures in case this repeats,” she added.

Delivery rider caught drinking customer's beverage

Last month, a food delivery rider was caught on camera helping himself to a cup of iced Milo from a customer's order.

He then passed the partially consumed drink to the customer, who recalled that there were drops of Milo splattered around the cup lid and on the carrier.

The customer was later issued a full refund for his order and the delivery rider was banned from the platform.

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