'This is why we need to ban bicycles on roads': Daredevil cyclist swerving through cars incites online rage

'This is why we need to ban bicycles on roads': Daredevil cyclist swerving through cars incites online rage
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok

Cyclists get a bad reputation in Singapore, what with the number of accidents — even death — black sheep have caused in the past few years. Just last weekend alone, 34 cyclists were caught for flouting rules on the road, two of whom even rode against traffic.

It would seem a daredevil cyclist isn't doing anything to fix that either.

The youngster was caught on camera zipping through traffic at high speed along Chua Chu Kang Road towards Bukit Panjang on Saturday (April 17). He had no helmet, no brakes and wore a pair of earbuds the entire time.

"Your father's road ah?" the motorcyclist recording the cyclist via a helmet-mounted camera yelled when he spotted the other. "This is why we need to ban bicycles on roads!"


Your father road isit? <Part 1> ##sgcyclist ##sharetheroad ##tiktoksg ##fyp

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The video continued for a minute before the cyclist comes to a stop at a traffic light, allowing the motorcyclist to catch up to him.

When told off for his dangerous riding and reminded to stick to the left-most lane, the cyclist nonchalantly gestures to the right, saying: "I go there."

"You're going to get yourself killed," the motorcyclist remarked.

The video, which was uploaded onto the motorcyclist's TikTok, was reposted onto multiple social media sites the same day. It has since generated a few thousand shares across the different pages, as well as inciting an angry online mob made of both cyclists and motorists.

"Whose kid is this? Please educate him before he ends up dead or causing someone else's death," a netizen remarked.

Cyclists, in particular, were absolutely livid at having their reputation dragged further into the mud. 

"Why give other good cyclists who read highway code, observes traffic act rules a bad name?"

Under the Road Traffic (Bicycle) Rules, cyclists who ride on the road must stick to the far left edge of the road and cycle in an orderly manner with due regard for the safety of others. A helmet must be worn securely at all times.

The Government has, as of Jan 25, accepted a proposal by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel that called for a ban on brakeless bicycles in the future.

"We will work closely with the panel to implement it. More details will be announced in due course," the Ministry of Transport said.


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