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'You're wasting my time': PHV driver allegedly screams at passenger before reversing car into Eunos condo guards

'You're wasting my time': PHV driver allegedly screams at passenger before reversing car into Eunos condo guards
The incident happened at the entrance of Parc Esta in Eunos.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

A private-hire driver was caught on camera backing his car into the security guards of a condominium in Eunos.

A video shared by Facebook group SG Road Vigilante last Sunday (June 30) shows the incident, which took place around 8pm at the entrance of Parc Esta at Sims Avenue.

Two security guards are seen pushing the Toyota Prius from the rear, before one of them opens the car door to stop the driver.

Another guard is recording the incident with his phone.

The driver later exited the vehicle and got into a heated altercation with five guards. 

“You are wasting my time. I am just here to drop my passenger, not to serve you," he yelled.

The driver can also be heard hurling vulgarities at the guards. 

One guard told the driver that the police are arriving soon.

The dispute apparently started when the driver, who was driving a resident into the condo, was stopped at the entrance for security checks, according to the Facebook post.

"The resident took a while to look for the card key, but the driver lost his temper and allegedly screamed 'you're wasting my time'," the post read.

"That's when the police were called in. But he didn't want to wait and tried to reverse away into the guards."

That was when the video, which has since garnered over 40,000 views, started.

The three-minute clip also shows a safety cone already crushed under the car as it was reversing.

Several netizens have called out the driver for his actions.

"Don't drive if you are impatient, simple," one of them said, while another added that the man behind the wheel should be banned from driving.

Other netizens accused the security guards of fuelling the dispute.

"The security officers are not allowed to open the car driver's door and touch the steering wheel," one netizen said. 

"Why's security stopping him from leaving? They have no right," another added. 

Responding to AsiaOne's queries, the police confirmed a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing. 

AsiaOne has contacted Parc Esta's management for comment.

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