Daily roundup: Woman narrowly escapes death after home-made IV drip of fruit juice - and other top stories today

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Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. ​Chinese woman narrowly escapes death after home-made IV drip... of fruit juice

The 51-year-old surnamed Zeng, from Guiyang county in Chenzhou, Hunan province, had developed an interest in unconventional health treatments... » READ MORE

2. 2 Sats employees suspended after fight on Changi Airport tarmac

Photo: The Straits Times reader



In the video, two women can be seen locked in a tussle and hitting each other. Several others can also be seen trying to break up the altercation, with one of them falling onto the ground in the ensuing struggle... » READ MORE

3. Singapore gym flamed online after discovery of CCTV camera placed near changing room​

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What made matters worse was the gym's cringe-worthy response which left many netizens angry and confused... » READ MORE

4. Drugs, sex & suicide: Shady dealings in South Korean showbiz​

Photo: AFP/Instagram


In what can be described as a deep cleanse of the entertainment industry, South Korea's Burning Sun nightclub scandal has kept everyone on their toes... » READ MORE