Honking lady thinks she's not in the wrong

SINGAPORE - The woman responsible for causing a commotion at Block 65 in Bedok South by sounding her car horn continuously insists that she has done nothing wrong despite disrupting the lives of the residents around the area.

Many living in the Bedok South area gathered at the car park at Block 65 on Wednesday to catch her in action.

A video which has been making its rounds on the Internet shows the mother sounding the car horn continuously to chase other drivers away so that she can pick up her son at a particular spot.

"She purposely 'horn-ed' to let her son know that she's coming. Then, the son will come into the carpark all the way from the school. Her left hand will hold the horn all the way," a resident said.

"At around 1 to 1.20pm, she will sound the car horn continuously and park in the centre until her son runs to her. Only then will she stop sounding the horn," another resident said.

A couple staying nearby said she sounds the horn to get her son's attention when she comes to pick him up after school.

"She insists on taking the spot of the car in front of her," the man said. "And her son will be crying, probably because he's scared."

A resident staying on the 14th floor told RazorTV that she could hear the sound of the horn very clearly.

"People who are sleeping will be rudely awakened," she said.

A pre-school located right next to the carpark where the commotion takes place bears the brunt of the noise.

"She will sound her horn from about 1pm to 1.30pm. It's so noisy that it's impossible for little kids and the elderly to sleep.

"We will all look out to check what's up and why so many cars. She will be sounding the horn for a very long time, at least 20 minutes. She does this everyday," a member of the school staff said.

The 14th floor resident said the woman starts sounding the horn from about 1pm onwards.

When asked whether other drivers sound their horns too, she said it was only this woman who did it.

Residents found the noise too much to bear and police were called in on Feb 15.

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