Is she a contortionist? Woman in Taiwan climbs into crane machine and steals 2 plushies

Nowadays, you can find just about anything in crane machines — plushies, ice cream, crabs, cats, children, bikini babes, you get the drift.

With such enticing prizes, it appears that some people would stop at nothing to get what they want, like this woman in Taipei.

In the early hours of Dec 4, the 22-year-old squeezed through the chute of a claw machine, snagged two plushies and disappeared into the night with her loot.

She was apprehended and was brought back to the police station for questioning the very same evening with her stolen dolls in tow, reported Setn.

CCTV footage showed the petite woman stealing into the empty-looking shop. After making sure the coast was clear, she ducked into the chute, wiggling around as she climbed into the machine.

Once she got in, the woman reached out and grabbed a plushie. However, that wasn't enough for her. She continued to push herself further into the machine until she was able to grab another plushie.

The shopkeeper only realised what had transpired after noticing the missing toys and immediately made a police report. Based on the CCTV footage, the police were able to identify and arrest the girl.

In an earlier report by Setn, the shopkeeper was believed to have suffered TWD$3,000( S$135) in losses.

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Posted by 三立新聞 on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The video clip of the girl's contortionist performance was shared onto Facebook and netizens were absolutely tickled by her ability to squeeze into the machine and jokingly suggested that the shopkeeper give her the plushies for being able to achieve what no one else could.

Others, on the other hand, lamented that she had already become a criminal despite her young age.

"Her unrelenting spirit is amazing, I'd suggest the owner give her whatever she can grab. You wouldn't find such guts nowadays." PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
"So young but already a thief, education has failed her." PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
"If she couldn't get out, that would've been whole other news." PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
"You've got to be thin and nimble enough to fit in that 'dog hole'. If she didn't make it out that would've been hilarious." PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

At least, as several netizens pointed out, she didn't get stuck in the machine, unlike several other children that have made headlines after being found sitting among dolls.

Perhaps she could've taken a leaf out of this auntie's book and shaken the machine instead.