Benz Hui seen waiting tables at daughter's cafe at Orchard Road

Benz Hui poses for a photo with Hong Kong YouTuber Ms Karman. He was also seen waiting tables in the cafe.
PHOTO: Instagram/Ms Karman, YouTube/Ms Karman

Benz Hui may be a well-loved veteran actor but that doesn't mean menial tasks are beneath him. 

The 73-year-old was spotted waiting tables at his daughter Charmaine's cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style cafe) Juju in Wheelock Place.

Hong Kong YouTuber Ms Karman posted a video reviewing the eatery's offerings last month. While on site, she said that both father and daughter were at the eatery. 

Ms Karman also took the opportunity to speak with him on camera, asking him for some food recommendations. Going with the classics, Benz recommended the curry fishballs and the luncheon meat egg noodles, adding that their noodles are imported from Hong Kong for a more authentic taste. 

In the comments, some netizens also praised Benz for his affability. 

'Benz is so personable!' 'It's true, he has no airs at all.' PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ms Karman 

Juju opened its doors to the public in early March and is the third F&B business that Benz helped his daughter with. It is located next to the second outlet of Cafe Bakeaholic — Charmaine's first business venture. 

The first outlet of Cafe Bakeaholic is located in Yishun — a stone's throw away from the Hui residence

A Singapore permanent resident, Benz moved into Yishun in 2018 and began applying for citizenship in 2019

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