Koo Hye-sun to present artwork in Singapore, Jacqueline Wong leaves TVB and reveals new boyfriend, Seolhyun's world looks like 'video call on unstable WiFi'

Ku Hye-sun is now an artist and she's settings sights on Singapore's Global Art Fair this year.
PHOTO: Instagram/Ku Hye-sun

Koo Hye-sun's next stage as an artist is Singapore

Koo Hye-sun, 37, is now an artist and will present her artwork at the Global Art Fair in Singapore this year.

In an Instagram post yesterday (July 26), the Boys Over Flowers actress said: "I'm now an ambassador for the Global Art Fair Singapore 2022. I'm also preparing an exhibition in Singapore. I'll be working hard!"

Hye-sun divorced her actor husband Ahn Jae-hyun in 2020, with both parties apologising after their discord escalated into public mudslinging.

She left South Korea to further her studies in England in 2020 and sold paintings worth 240 million won (S$250,000) last year, 8World reported.

Jacqueline Wong leaves TVB and welcomes new boyfriend

Goodbye TVB, hello new bb.

American-born Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong has left broadcaster TVB and was recently spotted with her new boyfriend Lai Man Wang, the drummer of Cantopop band RubberBand.

The duo were seen walking their dogs and were approached by Hong Kong reporters. The 33-year-old actress took the lead in responding to queries, confirming her relationship with Man Wang for the first time.

However, Jacqueline added in a later interview that she is still putting her career at the top of her priorities and that she has no present plans to get married, HK01 reported today. Additionally, she also said she has made no decisions regarding her career yet.

In 2019 Jacqueline's career took a huge hit after a video clip of her kissing and hugging Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui went viral. Andy, 54, has been married to Sammi Cheng since 2013. 

Jacqueline was also in a relationship with TVB actor Kenneth Ma at the time, with plans to marry.

Seol-hyun affected by illness that makes world looks like 'video call on unstable WiFi'

Actress and AOA idol singer Kim Seol-hyun posited a question on social media on Monday (July 25): "The reality in front of me looks like a video call on unstable WiFi. Does anyone know what this is?"

Fans expressed concern for her, asking if it was astigmatism or if she was fatigued or hungry, Allkpop reported yesterday.

Amid the panic, Seolhyun, 27, provided an update yesterday: "I have otolithiasis, everyone. If you're experiencing similar symptoms, go see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist!"

Otolithiasis is a problem with the inner ear that causes sensations of vertigo.

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