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Sammi Cheng omits hubby Andy Hui from Hong Kong Film Awards victory speech, explains why later

Sammi Cheng omits hubby Andy Hui from Hong Kong Film Awards victory speech, explains why later
A photo of Sammi Cheng receiving Best Actress award at the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards.
PHOTO: Facebook/Hong Kong Film Awards

When she clinched Best Actress at Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday (April 16), a teary Sammi Cheng had many people to thank.

Sammi, who was nominated several times, finally won the title for her role in Lost Love (2022), showed her appreciation towards the director, cast and crew, as well as her parents, friends among others.

But one name appeared to be missing from her acceptance speech — her husband's.

Andy Hui, 55, did not attend the awards ceremony. Coupled with Sammi's speech, some started to wonder about their relationship. 

But the singer-actress, 50, soon put those worries to rest, and revealed in a backstage interview the reason for not thanking her husband of 10 years when she was on stage.

"He has always been supporting me by my side. I will thank him personally when I get back home! He should be watching television now," Sammi said.

She also revealed that Andy had accompanied her to try on dresses before the awards ceremony and sent her a congratulatory message right after she received the award.


In 2019, an affair between Andy and actress Jacqueline Wong was exposed when they were filmed kissing in the backseat of a taxi.

At that time, Jacqueline was in a serious relationship with TVB actor Kenneth Ma.

After Andy's public apology, Sammi decided to forgive him and said that they would work harder on their marriage together.

Jacqueline and Kenneth broke up soon after and he is now engaged to TVB actress Roxanne Tong, who used to be Jacqueline's close friend.

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