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10 places in Singapore that look right out of a sci-fi movie - 2 of which are Westworld filming locations

10 places in Singapore that look right out of a sci-fi movie -  2 of which are Westworld filming locations

Singapore has come a long way since its fishing village days and when you look around you now, the buildings are starting to look like they are from the future.

With how futuristic these places and buildings are, Singapore is seemingly becoming a hotbed for sci-fi flicks, making appearances in Independence Day: Resurgence, Equals and more.

Recently, HBO has confirmed that filming locations for Westworld will include Singapore, and two of the locations mentioned are where the new season is seen to be filmed at.


Part residential and part commercial, Marina One looks so trippy it could be used as a set for Maze Runner.


The Heart, in the middle of the complex, features landscaping and greeneries that are designed by the same landscape architects behind Gardens By The Bay. 

It's little wonder the waterfall looks like the new Waltz garden in Floral Fantasy.



Parkview Square sits along North Bridge Road and has often gone unnoticed when walking from Haji Lane to Bugis.

Parkview Square has been coined as the 'Gotham City of Singapore', but I think the Art Deco-style building looks more like The Capitol of Panem in The Hunger Games.


Wait, is that the Mockingjay? With a little imagination, the golden crane statue outside the building looks like the iconic symbol of revolution. 


Step inside the building and you'll be greeted by Atlas Bar and its grand three-story-tall gin tower, which I now agree, resembles the Gotham City in Batman.


And now, it is a dystopian destination in Westworld season 3.

Atlas Bar in Singapore as a dystopian Westworld destination. from r/westworld


Clad in a facade with greenery and materials that will not only make the school stand out from its surrounding in Dhoby Ghaut, it is also able to cut out noise from the traffic while keeping the interior cool.


SOTA is picked as another filming location for Westworld. Look out for scenes at level three of the school as revealed by Redditor lukeangmingshen.

They were filming Westerworld S3 at my school in Singapore today from r/westworld



Shaped like beehives, The Hive is a campus space in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) where students are encouraged to socialise and 'cross-pollinate' ideas beyond the classroom. 


If all schools were designed this way in the past, then maybe I wouldn't skip classes as often and look forward to studying more.

Blink and you may just miss seeing The Hive transforming into Diagon Alley.



31 blocks stacked together like Jenga, The Interlace is a 1,000-unit condo along Deport Road that has made its way to being featured on Highsnobiety's Instagram. 


It is one of the most uniquely-designed apartment building in Singapore, and don't even get me started on how each block is strategically positioned so every home gets a view of its surrounding.


After undergoing a three-year redevelopment, Funan has finally opened its doors to the public again in June, donning a major face-lift that is Instagrammable from every corner.


The chic mall now offers more than just IT and camera gadgets, here are five unique places to check out including the first DJI store in Singapore with an in-store cage.


Purposefully designed like a DNA structure, The Helix is a bridge that links Marina Bay to Marina Centre.

It is spectacular at night when it lights up, and looks like a portal opening up into another realm. 



Pointed out by Redditor Madecitystars, he spotted Parkroyal on Pickering on his recent trip to Singapore and said it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, which inspired me to collate this listicle.

This is a shot I took while walking around in Singapore. The hotel is called Park Royal and looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie 100 years from now. from r/CityPorn

Located in Chinatown, the hotel sticks out from the surrounding heritage buildings making its presence known to all. 

Covered with plants and trees on one side of the hotel, doesn't it look like it belongs in Jurassic Park? 


In a similar vibe, when I visited Jewel Changi Airport, the theme song for Jurassic Park immediately played in my mind when I saw the Rain Vortex with terraced forest flanking its sides.   


I promise goosebumps will ensue if Jewel decides to play the film's soundtrack during its nightly light and sound show. 

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Gardens By The Bay, filled with flora and fauna, looks right out of the utopian city inhabited by Avatars.


The magic happens when night falls and the Supertree Grove lights up in a spectrum of colours.

I can almost hear Neytiri saying, "I see you".


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