Don't choke on it: Man chows down on bone-us ingredient in McSpicy from Queensway Shopping Centre

PHOTO: Stomp

All he wanted was a McSpicy, but one man, who goes by the name Ken, ended up getting a 'bonus' ingredient despite it not being a special order. 

While chowing down on his burger, which he had bought from McDonald's Queensway Shopping Centre outlet on Sept 13, he bit into something hard, reported Stomp. 

To his horror, it was a chicken bone. 

"I took a bite of the burger and was shocked to see a bone right smack in the middle of the patty," he shared. 

After the grisly discovery, Ken reported the incident to a staff member who apologised and replaced his burger with another McSpicy. 

Speaking to Stomp, McDonald's said that "food safety is [their] topmost priority" and they have "reached out and resolved the matter" with Ken. 

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time customers have found foreign objects in their fast-food orders.

In 2019, one man found a paper liner in his scrambled eggs which he purchased from the Safra Punggol outlet. 

McDonald's apologised for the incident then and offered to replace his order but he declined. 

It isn't just the food from McDonald's — one woman found a loose screw in her porridge from KFC's Punggol Oasis outlet

The assistant manager later revealed that the foreign object had come from a faulty pot lid. 

After the incident, KFC launched a thorough investigation and disciplinary action was taken against the assistant manager as well as two kitchen employees. 

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