'I found myself becoming a pawn': Sgcickenrice admin who sparked NOC saga reveals himself

'I found myself becoming a pawn': Sgcickenrice admin who sparked NOC saga reveals himself
PHOTO: Instagram/baerendang, FairPrice

The creator of Sgcickenrice, the Instagram account that sparked the Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga with allegations of workplace bullying earlier this month, has revealed himself and made a public apology. 

On Friday (Oct 29), Instagram user Baerendang, whose real name is Brandon Mah, wrote: "I am Brandon, a 20-year-old student. I am the admin of Sgcickenrice." 

In his post, he detailed his reasons for creating the account, stating that he felt a "moral obligation" to speak up for the employees in NOC. 

Mah is known to be close friends with former NOC talent Nicole Liel with whom he hosts a podcast.


As the saga dragged on, however, he admitted that "things got messy". 

"I found myself becoming a pawn. Many, including myself, were taken for a ride.

"I believe Preetipls put it best when she said that all of us are mere 'collateral damage' in a fight over assets involving powerful and rich adults (Sylvia Chan and Ryan Tan)," he wrote. 

Realising that the saga had deviated from his intention, Mah apologised for his "naivete and admittedly misguided ways". 

He said: "I will take all criticisms and pitchforks, but all I ask for is the employees to be spared. I take full responsibility for the actions of Sgcickenrice." 

The Instagram account — which amassed more than 62,600 followers since its creation in September — has since been renamed Baerendang1. 

As of Friday, all posts on Sgcickenrice have been deleted. Mah said that he “will not be posting any further on NOC” and that he is “doing this voluntarily”.


The TikTok account with the same name has also been taken down. 

Mah's statement came hours after veteran influencer Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, posted a TikTok video hinting that he was the person behind Sgcickenrice. 


This cicken rice be bussin’ ?

♬ original sound - Wendy Cheng

Curiously enough, the blog End the Silence, purportedly set up by former and current NOC staff to showcase the alleged misdeeds of Sylvia, has also been removed. 

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