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'I truly hated him': Beach Road slashing victim says she's trying to forgive perpetrator

'I truly hated him': Beach Road slashing victim says she's trying to forgive perpetrator
PHOTO: Salt & Light

Eight months ago, Han Hongli's estranged husband Cheng Guoyuan attacked her at her workplace. 

He left the Chinese national with over 40 slash wounds, a severed finger, a blinded left eye, and a medical bill that was close to $50,000

It's understandable if she bore a grudge after the entire ordeal. However, the 42-year-old victim of the infamous Beach Road slashing is trying to forgive Cheng.

In a recent interview with Christian platform Salt & Light, published on Dec 9, Han admitted that she did feel resentment after the violent attack

"I truly hated him. I even felt the hate in my bones," she said in Mandarin, adding that she didn't have it in her to forgive him. 

Back when she was alone in the hospital, Han felt a range of emotions and even considered suicide. 

"I've worked so hard all my life. Since young, I've not done anything to harm anyone. I've not let anyone down. Some people commit crimes — beating others up, robbing others — why not them? Why me?"

In the aftermath of the incident, losing sight in her left eye was the hardest thing to deal with, she said.

Doctors told her that her retina was so damaged that she only had a 5 per cent chance of regaining her eyesight, even if she had a cornea transplant. 


"When I heard this, I was devastated. Up until that point I had held out hope that I would be able to see again, even if it was a little bit," she said.

But despite everything, Han shared that with the help of religion and her support system, she is trying to let go of her anger towards Cheng.

"Forgiveness... I haven't gotten there yet," she admitted.

"But from today I want to slowly forgive him and what he did to me."

How the gruesome attack unfolded 

Han's estranged husband attacked her on April 14. 

She had been at her workplace, Chong Qing (Origin) Steamboat, when a colleague told her someone was looking for her. 

"The moment I saw him, I knew that was it. Something bad is going to happen," she told Salt & Light. 

Han added that if she had known Cheng had a knife, she would have made a dash for it right away. 

But by the time by the time she caught sight of the weapon, it was too late.

"He had already caught me by my hair. Then everything unfolded," she recounted. 

As Cheng slashed at Han, passers-by and workers from a nearby restaurant tried to stop him by flinging plastic chairs, bins, metal signposts and ladders at him

He was eventually apprehended after police officers tasered him. 

Both Han and Cheng were sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital after the incident. Han was discharged on May 19. 

Cheng was charged in court on April 16 with the attempted murder of Han, reported The Straits Times. 

If convicted, he can either be jailed for life and caned, or be jailed for up to 20 years and fined or caned, or both.

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