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This made my day: Migrant worker helps elderly man in Ang Mo Kio to cross road slowly

This made my day: Migrant worker helps elderly man in Ang Mo Kio to cross road slowly
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/SGFollowsAll

A heart-warming video of a migrant worker helping an elderly man cross the road at Ang Mo Kio has netizens gushing over his act of kindness.  

A passer-by shared the video of the wholesome moment on SGFollowsAll Instagram page on Wednesday (Aug 23) and wrote: "A kind worker stepped in to support an elderly person, making sure he crossed the road safely."

The video showed the migrant worker patiently assisting the elderly man with a walking stick to cross the road while the pedestrian traffic lights were red. 

Needing help to cross the road, the elderly man could be seen holding onto the migrant worker's shoulder for support. Even though the traffic light was in the drivers' favour, the vehicles waited for both of them to finish their crossing. 

The selfless act by the migrant worker garnered many praises online with even the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) reposting the video on their Facebook page.

Migrant workers helped family look for lost violin and phone

Recently, two migrant workers were praised for their act of kindness after spending four hours to help a mother and daughter find their lost violin and phone at a basketball court.

The mother, surnamed Zhang, told Lianhe Zaobao that the workers even searched the trash cans and chutes on the ground floor.

After four hours of searching, passers-by who found the missing items called Zhang back at around noon and returned her her stuff.

"Although we don't know each other, these construction workers are willing to lend a helping hand. They are kind-hearted people, exuding positive energy, and they are worth learning from!" Zhang said.

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