This made my day: Siblings surprise helper with BTS' Suga concert ticket

This made my day: Siblings surprise helper with BTS' Suga concert ticket
Kimberlee Ang and her siblings surprised their helper with tickets to see BTS' Suga live in Singapore.
PHOTO: TikTok/Kimberlee Ang

K-pop fans would know that concert tickets don't come cheap.

But to thank their domestic helper of seven years for her service, one woman and her siblings decided to buy her a ticket to catch BTS member Suga's concert in Singapore.

In a TikTok video posted on Monday (April 3), Kimberlee Ang shared that her helper had registered for the ticket presale but found that the tickets were too expensive.

The hefty price tag didn't stop Ang, who queued up virtually to buy her helper a ticket anyway.


When she surprised her helper with the ticket, the latter burst into tears of joy.

Ang also shared how difficult it was to obtain the ticket.

"Never in my life have I gotten such anxiety buying concert tickets," she wrote in the clip, adding, "I was literally shaking and sweating."

"5,000 people in the queue leh!" she exclaimed in the video.

While Ang did not disclose how much she paid for the concert ticket, ticket prices for Suga's solo concert can range from $168 to $348.

In the video's comments section, many shared the helper's joy, and praised Ang for being a kind employer.

AsiaOne has contacted Ang for more information.

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