'My life is boring now': Raybe Oh on recovery after Tanjong Pagar crash

Raybe Oh describes her painful road to recovery since the accident in February last year.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/CNA, The Straits Times file

These days, Raybe Oh spends her time indoors as much as possible.

After suffering burns to about 80 per cent of her body in a fiery crash last year, the 26-year-old told CNA in an interview yesterday (June 7) that she has to shield her skin from sunlight.

"My life is boring now," Oh lamented, saying that she is unable to work out or meet her friends as much as she used to.

Reflecting on her first four months recovering from severe injuries, she said: "I was lying in bed 24/7… I couldn't even turn my body. I was wrapped up like a mummy in the hospital."

After undergoing more than 40 surgeries such as skin grafting and wound cleaning, Oh shared that physiotherapy has been painful for her, but she has counted on her loved ones during the long journey to recovery.

"I'm glad I have very strong support from my family and my boyfriend's family, as well as my close friends," she said.

Although she will not be making her getai comeback anytime soon, Oh revealed that she has been "stepping out of her comfort zone" by setting up an online beauty business with a friend.

Oh said: "I was complacent with my life before the accident… I want to show people that with a strong personality, I can achieve anything I want.

"Instead of looking back at what I have lost, I will be looking at what I can achieve in future."

Oh tried to free her fiance Jonathan Long from his burning car after it crashed into a shophouse in Tanjong Pagar on Feb 13 last year.

A coroner's hearing into the accident, which killed Long and four friends, will begin tomorrow (June 9).

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