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Police break into Bedok flat following complaints over air con compressor dangling outside window

Police break into Bedok flat following complaints over air con compressor dangling outside window
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Officers from the Singapore Police Force are a busy lot and they don't just fight crimes — helping members of the public in distress, breaking up domestic squabbles and even saving animals

And just recently, they were even activated after an air-con condenser was found dangling precariously from a 10th-floor HDB unit at Blk 55 Chai Chee. 

Some concerned members of the public alerted the matter to the men in blue and the police responded quickly and was at the site last Wednesday (July 20) at around 1 pm to cordon off the area below that unit. 

Unfortunately, the home owners of that unit were not around then and the police had to forcibly break into the house, according to Shin Min Daily News.

A resident who goes by the name Sapia, 69, told the Chinese daily that the owners of the unit are an elderly couple in their 70s who are rarely home, adding that he believes that they live elsewhere. 

"In the three years since the pandemic started, we have not seen this couple. A cleaner knocked on the door that day and asked where they have been," said Sapia. 

Sapia also shared that he believes the police got a locksmith to open the door when it was found that the owners were not home.  

Pictures show a police officer standing by the gate of the unit and in front of him was a trolley that contained a bag of tools. 

The owner of a nearby provision store, who goes by the name Cai, also told Shin Min that the police had told him not to enter or leave via his shop's back door during the incident.

He also said that the police had put up a barricade surrounding the rear of the affected HDB unit, with Cai pointing out that many residents walk below that block.

The police have been legally empowered to make forced entry into any place in case of medical emergencies, to protect people from injury or death under several amendments to the Police Force Act that took effect from Jan this year.

Previously, they cannot make forced entry into any place even if they hear a person in distress but believe no crime has been committed.


According to the Housing & Development Board website, under the Building Control Act, homeowners can face a penalty of up to $5,000 and/or jail term of up to six months for improper installation of their air conditioner

Additionally, under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA), flat owners can also face a fine of up to $10,000 and/ or a jail term of up to one year, if the air-conditioner falls due to lack of maintenance

This isn't the only time the authorities have been alerted over an air-con condenser in a precarious position.

In December 2020, photos of a faulty air-con condenser at Blk 340 Chou Chu Kang Loop were circulated on social media and the town council and HDB were alerted to the incident. 

The machine had been dangling from its brackets and was only held in place by several pipes.

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