Squid Game fever is real, here's how Singaporeans are joining the game

PHOTO: TikTok/Screengrab

Everyone loves Squid Game, and you can't escape its influence on the Internet. 

Since its release on Sept 17, original series Squid Game has become the number one trending show on Netflix in Singapore, and the first Korean show to rank #1 on the same platform in the US. 

Many netizens have found their own way of joining in on the fun, either by recreating some of the scenes in the show, or imagining themselves as one of the participants. 

One of the more popular videos – garnering over nine million views – show TikToker Jaze Phua dressed in a suit at Aljunied MRT station, 'slapping' another person while playing traditional Korean game Ddakji.

This game involves folded origami tiles, where a player throws a Ddakji tile to try and flip over the opponent's tile. 


Reply to @jazephua Legend has it they are still playing ##squidgame @darwinisome

♬ original sound - JAZE

In the show, when participants are first scouted for the game, they are invited to play Ddakji with a mysterious man in a suit at a train station. If the participant loses, he or she gets slapped in the face. But if they win, they receive 100,000 won (S$115), and are invited to be a participant in the actual games.

Other TikTokers also posted videos of how they would play Red Light Green Light, where players need to stop moving, or face a terrible end when the game master turns: 


i think i might survive leh ##redlightgreenlight ##squidgame ##netflix ##fypsg

♬ Squid Game - Green Light Red Light - Yovinca Prafika

Meanwhile, others tried recreating the honeycomb game where players try to successfully remove an imprinted shape from a piece of honeycomb. 

Local cafe Brown Butter also caught onto this trend, inviting their customers to accept this challenge for a free iced latte. 


Perfectly cut out your given shape and get an iced latte complimentary! 😍💓 ##fyp ##dalgona ##squid ##squidgame ##squidgamenetflix ##dalgonacoffee ##squidgamenetflix ##saebyeok ##foryou ##fypシ ##redlightgreenlight ##foryoupage ##fypシ ##tiktoksg ##redlightgreenlight

♬ MONEY - 리사 (LISA)

Aside from recreating Squid Game scenes, there were others who took it up a notch, putting elements of the show together with Singaporean culture. 

As the actual show was based on traditional Korean games, sgag_sg posted this TikTok showing what games would be played instead if Squid Game took place in Singapore. 


Do yall think you can win if #squidgame happens in SG? 👀 #fyp #foryou #sgtiktok #squidgamenetflix

♬ Redstone Eyes by Gorilaz - niko

TikToker Soonbros also showed what Squid Game would be like for Singaporeans who can't help but dance to Wang Lei's vaccination bop


Who else finished squid game! #squidgame #tiktoksg

♬ original sound - soonbros

Needless to say, they wouldn't survive. 

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