Team Kurt Tay or Team Steven Lim? Online 'superstars' battle it out over a bowl of ramen

Team Kurt Tay or Team Steven Lim? Online 'superstars' battle it out over a bowl of ramen
PHOTO: Facebook/Takagi Ramen

Singapore's online 'superstars' Kurt Tay and Steven Lim are back again, and this time they're fighting each other.

No, it's not an actual brawl — just a ramen ad.

The 'wrestling champion' and the 'Muay Thai fighter' threw punches at each other in a Facebook video posted on Oct 17, promoting Takagi Ramen's new outlet at Eastpoint Mall.

To drum up excitement over the 'match', the video said: "Singapore's two greatest internet sensations finally meet".

Tay, 39, and Lim, 47, faced off with one carrying his signature wrestling belt and the other donning a Captain America singlet.

The men threw down some choice words such as 'kor kor' (older brother) before throwing punches and trading below the belt moves in slo-mo.

Despite all that action, no one got to taste the noodles.


The two-minute clip has been viewed over 53,00 times and garnered 500 comments at the time of writing.

Some netizens praised the ramen chain for the interesting concept, while others cringed at the sight of the two 'superstars' in the video.

These men are known for various stunts over the years.

Tay, a self-proclaimed four-time world wrestling champion, said last year that he wanted to join the People's Action Party so that he "can earn more than $10,000".

In 2013, he made headlines because of his breast implants. Tay currently works as a security guard.

Lim, on the other hand, dabbled in endeavours such as creating YouTube videos and offering personal training.

Last year, he flexed his earnings on Instagram and asked his fans whether he should buy a regular car or a second-hand Ferrari. He now offers personalised birthday dedication videos on Instagram for $100.

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