Too close? Man gets bitten while taking video of otters in Kallang

A man was bitten by one of the otters from this group in Kallang this morning.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Despite previous reports of otter attacks and warnings from government agencies not to approach wild animals including otters, it seems that some members of the public simply can't resist getting up close and personal to these animals. 

While jogging at Kallang River Park on Monday (April 4) morning, Hong Zhiqin caught sight of a gang of some 30 otters roaming around the park.

His excitement, unfortunately, got the better of him.

Whipping out his phone to record a video of the otters, the 52-year-old engineer, along with two other members of the public, followed the animals closely, intrigued that it was such a big group.  

Hong said he'd see the creatures once or twice a week but most of the time, they’d be in small groups of five or six, reported Shin Min Daily News.

However, they got too close to the animals and an adult otter responded by biting this man on his calf. The animal then ran towards the river and swam away. 

The incident occurred at around 6.45am and Hong subsequently made his way to Raffles Hospital to seek treatment.

He received an injection and was given five days medical leave.

"It's also my carelessness," he added. "Usually, my wife and I will remind our children not to get too close when we see otters, but [sometimes] we forget."

He told Shin Min Daily News that he's currently doing well and recuperating at home.

A close-up of Hong's calf after he was bitten by an adult otter.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

In May 2021, a similar incident occurred at Upper Boon Keng Road when a man’s exercise session was cut short by an adult otter that bit his left calf.

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