'Why blame all Vietnamese girls?' Sexy beer stall operator rants about discrimination linked to KTV cluster

PHOTO: Screengrabs from Facebook/Yumi Diary

It's been a rough couple of weeks for many, with Singapore reverting to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from July 22 to August 18 as authorities try to curb the recent spike in community Covid-19 cases.

The KTV cluster, in particular, has come under scrutiny among disgruntled locals and with that, prejudices against the Vietnamese community.

Yumi, a Vietnamese woman operating a beer stall at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, posted a three-minute-long tirade on Facebook about a personal experience that got her riled up.

Posted on July 14, the video started with Yumi – dressed in a lime green t-shirt and white cap – re-enacting the scene that allegedly took place between her and a local who verbally abused her.

Speaking in fluent Mandarin, she mentioned how he first asked: "Why are you still here?" Caught off guard by his question, Yumi asked if there was a misunderstanding.

According to her, the man went on to claim that Vietnamese girls come to Singapore discreetly to work as hostesses and told her to "please go back home".

Yumi was having none of it and chose to record a video and shared it on Facebook which has since gotten 106,000 views. 

"Let me tell you all. I have never stepped into a KTV in my five-year stay in Singapore," she sniped. 

She mentioned that Vietnamese girls aren't the only ones you'd find in a KTV lounge and reminded others that Singaporeans are likely to be there as well.

Yumi then added that one shouldn't simply lump a group or nationality together and push the blame onto them.

"Some Vietnamese girls just sell food, or they are just housewives taking care of their babies at home. Why blame all Vietnamese girls?

"Why scold me like a dog?" Yumi asked.

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She then flipped the narrative onto those who chose to patronise KTV lounges.

"If you don't know the girl, then don't risk drinking with her. So if any customer who went KTV and bistro, please buy the self-test kit and test yourself," she urged.

Yumi reminded her viewers that she tests herself for Covid-19 regularly since being asymptomatic doesn't always mean one is free of the virus.

She added: "It's inexpensive. Do it at home."

Screengrab from Facebook/YumiDiary

Supportive netizens could be found within the comments section. This specific one reminded others that we shouldn't view a community of people through a negative lens sharpened from our prejudices.

There have been numerous accounts of the Vietnamese in Singapore facing similar unpleasant experiences, from a mum being verbally abused to uncomfortable taxi rides.

Currently, the KTV cluster is the second-largest active cluster with a total of 221 cases. However, its numbers are dwindling over recent days, with five of the 162 locally transmitted community cases on July 22.