Daily roundup: How to beat the JB Customs jam during CNY - and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. ​How to beat the JB Customs jam during CNY

With the CNY season rapidly approaching, many of us have made plans to travel to Malaysia - be it to visit family, have a reunion dinner with friends, or just some cheap shopping... » READ MORE

2. The math behind TOTO: Here's why it (statistically) doesn't make financial sense to play

Photo: The Straits Times

We agree that it might be fun to purchase "hope", it is also true that Singaporeans will probably start their year better by abstaining and thus not losing money... » READ MORE

3. Family baffled by death of bride-to-be in motorcycle accident

Photo: Facebook/ Arep Stoner

The death of a woman motorcyclist on a quiet stretch of road in Yishun ahead of her wedding next month has left her family wondering how it happened... » READ MORE

4. Robinsons' 'broken' Chinese on CNY decorations has people scratching their heads

Photo: Facebook/SinChineseSg

Robinsons' Chinese New Year decor isn't the only thing that's red... » READ MORE