Daily roundup: Pregnant woman in China fined $99 for throwing hot soup at 'noisy' baby - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Screengrab/Pear Video

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Pregnant woman in China fined $99 for throwing hot soup at 'noisy' baby

The 28-year-old's act of rage on Tuesday (June 11), was caught on surveillance footage and left the 11-month-old girl with burns to her back and buttocks... » READ MORE

2. Joey Wong, 52, stuns fans with Instagram photos where she looks half her age

Joey WongPHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube, Instagram/wangzuxian_joeywong

Joey Wong seems to have found the fountain of youth. The former actress, best known for her role as Nie Xiaoqian in 1987's A Chinese Ghost Story, recently resurfaced on Instagram to wish her fans a happy Dragon Boat Festival... » READ MORE

3. Passenger soils bus seat, leaves nasty surprise for Malaysian bus driver

Talk about a crappy day at work. A Malaysian bus driver had the shock of his life when a passenger left his seat covered in excrement... » READ MORE

4. Young man wearing fake Rolex allegedly steals two real Rolexes from store in Far East Plaza

PHOTO: HJ Luxury

He walked into a second-hand watch shop wearing a fake Rolex watch, but allegedly robbed the shop of two real diamond-encrusted Rolex watches worth about $150,000 instead... » READ MORE