Daily roundup: Passenger returns stolen blanket to MAS after 9 years - and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. ​Malaysian netizens laud flight passenger who returned a stolen blanket to MAS after 9 years

It took nine long years, but a pilfered (and very used) travel blanket was returned to Malaysia Airlines by a passenger who even left a note expressing regret over the minor dishonesty nearly a decade ago. .. » READ MORE

2. ​84-year-old porn star granny enjoying life

Yuko Ogasawara is 84 years old. Photo: Screengrab/Internet

"It was my first time having sex with a man other than my husband, " she recalled, adding that she enjoys her fulfilling life now... » READ MORE

3. Monkey business at Bukit Panjang childcare centre

After lingering outside the window of the classroom, the long-tailed macaque eventually made its move inside. Photo: Shin Min Daily News

At about 4pm, a long-tailed macaque appeared by the window of a classroom at Ichiban Montessori Childcare Centre (Segar) on the ground level of Block 546A Segar Road... » READ MORE

4. Gambling site promoted by Ah Boys To Men actor blocked

In a sponsored YouTube video, Ah Boys To Men actor Ridhwan Azman claims to have won an iPhone 11 by opening a box on the Drakemall site for $6.50. Photo: YouTube/Ridwannabe

Drakemall, a virtual mystery box website headquartered in Ireland, was promoted by Ah Boys To Men actor Ridhwan Azman in a sponsored YouTube video on Dec 22 last year... » READ MORE