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10 cheapest dual-key new launch condominiums in 2021

10 cheapest dual-key new launch condominiums in 2021
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With the Additional Buyers Stamp Duty (ABSD) looking less “temporary” every day, most Singaporeans are priced out of owning dual properties.

If you do need to move in with the in-laws and maintain privacy though – or you want rental income to offset your costs – there’s still hope in the form of dual-key units.

While these are almost always more expensive than regular condo units, they’re still much cheaper than paying ABSD.

Here are where you can get the cheapest, new launch dual-key units in 2021:

Note: The following list is based on three-bedder dual key units

1. Arena Residences

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
883 sq. ft. $1,858 psf $1,639,750

Location: Guillemard Crescent (District 14)

Developer: RH Guillemard Pte. Ltd.

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2022

Number of units: 98

Key highlights:

Arena Residences is more for investors than families.

Rentability is high, as it’s only around a 5.9 km, or 10-minute drive to the CBD; it’s also just three km, or an eight-minute drive, to Paya Lebar Quarter.

Mountbatten MRT station is also within walking distance, at 480 metres (under 10 minutes’ walk). Dual-key units are also specially designed to cater to tenants, which adds to the appeal.

The Geylang area is also full of eateries and convenience stores, many of which are open 24-hours; these are just around a five-minute walk from Arena Residences.

That said, Arena Residences is probably too close to the vice areas for a family’s liking. The budget hotels begin right across from Guillemard Road, and there’s significant traffic noise.

This development is also pressed up against the road, and some buyers may not like having a place of worship right next door (due to potential noise and traffic congestion during worship sessions).

Landlords who want to cater to the Paya Lebar or CBD workforce, however, owe it to themselves to at least check out this project. It’s a much more affordable alternative to condos within the CBD or PLQ, and the freehold status is a notable plus.

Arena Residences 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

At 883 square feet, this is nearly the smallest three bedroom dual-key unit on this list (only Neu at Novena beats this). As a result of that, you can expect the rooms here to be smaller, coupled with the tight dining space here as well.

The separate one bedroom unit is also constrained as such, with the “kitchen” area right next to the bedroom – which some might find an issue with liveability wise.

The balcony is also rather big for our tastes. It’s obviously great if you value your outdoor space, but at 883 square feet, it does feel a little unnecessary.

As with the small size as well, the washer and dryer are located in the foyer, which can be inconvenient for some.

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2. Forett at Bukit Timah

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
1,033 sq. ft. $1,917 psf $1,981,222

Location: Toh Tuck Road (District 21)

Developer: Qingjian Perennial (Bukit Timah) Pte. Ltd.

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2024

Number of units: 633

Key highlights:

We have a full review of Forett at Bukit Timah on Stacked.

Forett at Bukit Timah is probably the best-known new launch in the area. Its key highlights are

1. Being a freehold property in this desirable neighbourhood.

2. It's proximity to Beauty World Centre, which is just 1.1 km, or under a five-minute drive.

Beauty World, which is already a retail and lifestyle hub, will see further benefits from the ongoing Rail Corridor development.

There are presently few freehold developments around Beauty World, and the ones that tend to be boutique condos (i.e., they will have more limited facilities and steeper maintenance costs). As such, Forett will mainly appeal to long term investors in the area.

It’s not as widely known, however, that Forett has some has top notch dual-key offerings, at a comfortable 1,000+ sq. ft. At under $2 million, this can be considered reasonable value today given the location and freehold status.

Forrett at Bukit Timah 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

At 1,033 square feet, this three bedroom dual-key unit at Forett can be considered more appropriately sized (especially in comparison to Arena Residences above).

That extra space has allowed a proper kitchenette area for the separated one bedroom unit – which will make it a lot easier should you choose to rent it out (or even stay there, for that matter).

What’s great here too is the kitchen in the two bedroom section, as you can enclose it. Plus there is a household shelter as well, which goes a long way as far as storage is concerned.

3. Haus on Handy

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
980 sq. ft. $2,880 psf $2,820,800

Location: Handy Road (District nine)

Developer: CDL Regulus Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 188

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Key highlights:

Haus on Handy is more of an investment asset than a home, given the small unit sizes (even of its dual-key units). As with many small, renter-oriented developments, the strength is mainly in convenience and location.

Haus on Handy is located between Plaza Singapura and The Cathay; the former is a major mall; the latter is a large mall and cinema complex. This places the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station within 190 metres, or a seven-minute walk.

This gives residents access to the North South Line, North East Line, and Circle Line.

On top of this, the Bencoolen MRT station is 480 metres away, or an eight-minute walk. This is on the Downtown Line, so residents will have access to four different train lines.

Orchard Road is about an 800 metre walk away, so it’s possible to walk to Centrepoint, Orchard Central, etc. in under 10 minutes. Overall, this is one of the best located District Nine condos to date.

The only drawback is the small unit sizes, and limited facilities (limited in comparison to the full suite, luxury condos you would expect in District Nine).

Haus on Handy 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

Haus on Handy is your typical small unit size project, and it shows – as this three bedroom dual-key unit at 980 square feet is the biggest one you’d find there.

First things first, the one bedroom studio features a proper kitchenette. But, the washer and dryer for both units are located in the foyer – which isn’t the best layout-wise.

Also, the two bedroom unit does have a bigger kitchen naturally, but it isn’t enclosed and the dining area is squashed alongside it.

Do also note that the second common bedroom is sized for a single bed, so if you are looking for more space, you might want to look somewhere else.

4. Infini at East Coast

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
1,066 sq. ft. $1,896 psf $2,132,000

Location: East Coast Road (District 15)

Developer: Global Dragon Ltd.

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2022

Number of units: 36

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Key highlights:

A key selling point is the upcoming Marine Terrace MRT station, which will be ready in 2023 (roughly a year after this condo’s completion). This is within 560 metres, or a nine-minute walk; this will resolve the current lack of accessibility in this area.

Infini is ideal for families or landlords who have an eye on the Katong / East Coast Road stretch. This is an area that, besides being an expat enclave, includes numerous eateries, malls, supermarkets, and children’s enrichment/tuition centres.

Infini is about 850 metres, or an 11-minute walk, to the beginning of this stretch (around where i12 Katong is located). If you drive, it’s less than four minutes away.

What some buyers won’t like, however, is the proximity of other similar small developments such as Vibes @ East Coast or Palmera Residence.

There’s quite a big supply of these boutique projects in the neighbourhood, and in even greater numbers closer to the Katong stretch.

Nonetheless, Infiniti may be a better-priced alternative to District 15’s recent slew of luxury launches, like Meyer House, Meyer Mansion, etc. This is provided you don’t mind a boutique development, with more limited facilities.

Infini at East Coast 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

At 1,066 square feet, the Infini at East Coast three bedroom dual-key is decently sized. The studio unit does have its own kitchenette (and washer), but it does encroach into the bedroom space – which isn’t so ideal.

It does come with its own balcony though, which may or may not be a perk, depending on your perception.

What’s good here though, is the bigger unit as the kitchen is uniquely set aside from the living and dining. You can enclose it too (although there isn’t a window here for ventilation).

5. Neu at Novena

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
818 sq. ft. $2,673 psf $2,186,688

Location: Moulmein Rise (District 11)

Developer: RH Novena Pte. Ltd.

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 87

Key highlights:

Neu at Novena is clearly more of an investment buy, and the presence of dual-key units reinforces that. The units are frankly a bit squeezy; 818 sq. ft. is a tight space for two sub-units.

However, the location is great for those who work in the city centre. Novena MRT station is just 320 metres away, or about a seven-minute walk.

This is also where you’ll find VeloCity mall. A little further away (380 metres), you can find United Square. Finding tenants is unlikely to be a problem.

It’s a pity this development is too small for most families, as the area is well known for its number of enrichment/tuition centres. St Joseph’s Institution is also just 210 metres, or a six-minute walk away.

Note that Neu at Novena is adjacent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Some buyers may have taboos, or worry about ambulance noises.

Neu at Novena 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

At 818 square feet, this is the smallest new launch three bedroom dual-key unit that you’d find on this list. As you might expect, with that small size you will have to compromise on a number of things.

For one, the studio unit will not have a kitchenette that you might usually find in most dual-key units. This can definitely be an issue if you are looking to rent out the space. Likewise, the washer and dryer are located in the foyer, which can mean less privacy for tenants.

While the kitchen is great on the two bedroom side because it can be enclosed (it has a window too), the downsides here are the balcony spaces in both the living and master bedroom.

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6. Olloi

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
1,001 sq. ft. $1,722 psf $1,724,030

Location: 50 Lorong 101 Changi (District 15)

Developer: K16 Development Pte. Ltd.

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2022

Number of units: 34

Key highlights:

We have a full review of Olloi on Stacked.

If you want to live close to One KM and City Plaza malls, Olloi will appeal to you. This boutique, freehold development is only 530 metres and 650 metres from those two malls respectively; both are only around 10 minutes walk.

The main draw of Olloi, however, is its proximity to Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ). This project is only a 1.4 km drive (about five minutes) to PLQ. Residents can also walk, as an alternative (900 metres, or about 11 minutes).

This project might interest landlords who want to cater to office workers at PLQ.

Dual-key units, as well as proximity, provide good rentability. Tenants who prefer more privacy may also opt for units here, instead of the much more crowded options in Paya Lebar itself (there are only 34 units, so Olloi is a very quiet development).

As far as boutique developments go too, the exterior facade of Olloi is rather unique. So those that are fond of something more design-centric may find this appealing.

Olloi 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

The three bedroom dual-key unit at Olloi has the most interesting layout of all. While the studio isn’t a great size (the kitchenette area is quite small), the bigger two bedroom unit is where the money’s at.

Firstly, it’s a dumbbell unit so it is more efficient, and gives you more privacy as well. There is even space for a dry and wet kitchen (unheard of in this category) and even a tiny utility area where the washer/dryer is.

The wet kitchen is enclosed too, which is always great if you do a lot of heavy cooking.

Nest, there is even space for a flexi room, where this can be used for storage or a study room (especially appropriate today). Some people may also like the fact that the balcony stretches the entire length of the unit. It’s not wide though, so it may not be very useful.

The only downside here is the bathroom utility here. While it is attached to the master bedroom, it is still a shared bathroom for the common bedroom as well.

7. Parc Clematis

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
969 sq. ft. $1,629 psf $1,578,000

Location: Jalan Lempeng (District five)

Developer: Sing Haiyi Gold Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 1,468

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Key highlights:

Parc Clematis has the most affordable dual-key units on this list, with the quantum for a three-bedder kept at below $1.6 million. This makes it an interesting consideration for investors.

Normally, a pure investor would be put off by the unit count (1,468 units). However, besides having dual-key units, Parc Clematis actually has a great location for rental.

Clementi is close to major educational institutes like NUS, so foreign and even local students can be prospective tenants. Importantly, Parc Clematis is only a five-minute drive to the One-North tech hub, and a 10-minute drive to Holland V.

Coupled with the lower quantum, investors shouldn’t dismiss its dual-key units as an investment asset; even if it’s a mega-development.

For homeowners, Parc Clematis is already a family-oriented condo. The dual-key units should be considered by extended families who want to move in together.

For example, you can have the in-laws in one sub-unit, and your own family in the other; this preserves a level of privacy for both.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

At 969 square feet, this isn’t the biggest three bedroom dual-key unit on this list, but it is generally quite well laid out. The studio is not a bad size, and they are even able to incorporate a small study area, but the kitchenette area is a let down.

The main two bedroom unit itself features quite a traditional layout. There isn’t an option to enclose the kitchen though, as it is a long counter as you enter the unit.

8. Parksuites

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
1,421 sq. ft. $2,006 psf $2,850,000

Location: Holland Grove Road (District 10)

Developer: Kentish View Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 110-years

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 119

Key highlights:

Parksuites offers the largest dual-key units on this list, at a generous 1,421 sq. ft. While the quantum is high, some may find the $2,006 psf a decent price for a District 10 condo, with a strong location.

Parksuites is a mere five-minute drive to the heart of Holland V, and a six-minute drive to One-North. These are lifestyle and work hubs for many expats.

For families, Henry Park Primary School is right next door, while NUS and Singapore Polytechnic are just a six-minute drive away.

The Star Vista, which is the main mall for the neighbourhood, is just a six-minute drive away.

That said, the location of Parksuites is great only if you drive. It’s much less convenient if you need public transport, as there’s no MRT nearby.

Note that, while Dover MRT station is technically just 690 metres away, the winding route means it’s too far to walk (almost 18 minutes on foot).

Parksuites 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

At 1,421 square feet, this is the biggest three bedroom dual-key on this list – but you might not quite feel the size as it is split over two levels.

That said, what you are really paying for is the ultimate privacy here, as the studio unit is set on the second level. This may even make it seem like two genuinely separate units altogether, so this is great if you are ultra concerned about having privacy from your tenant.

What’s great about the studio too is it comes with platform furniture above the pantry, so you can eke out even more utility of the space.

What’s not so great though is the washer/dryer is located in the foyer, which may be an issue for some.

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9. The M

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
904 sq. ft. $2,490 psf $2,251,463

Location: Middle Road (District Seven)

Developer: Wing Tai Asia

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2024

Number of units: 522

Key highlights:

The M is invariably seen as a contender with Midtown Bay and Midtown Modern; these three make up the main headline developments of District Seven right now.

Accessibility is the main selling point of The M. Residents have access to four different train lines:

  • Esplanade MRT (Circle Line), 410 metres or seven minutes’ walk
  • Bugis MRT (Downtown Line and East-West Line), 390 metres or five minutes’ walk
  • City Hall MRT (East-West Line and North-South Line), 590 metres or nine minutes’ walk

Note that Bugis Junction is attached to the Bugis MRT, and the area is chock full of food and retail options.

The M is also close to the heart of Bras Basah (about a three-minute walk), which is Singapore’s cultural district; arts educational institutes like SOTA, LaSalle, and NAFA are all just a five-minute drive away.

The dual-key units here enhance the already high rentability of The M. However, extended families might also consider these units, if they don’t mind being in the heart of town (i.e., not much greenery, and inevitable traffic).

The M 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

For a unit sized at 904 square feet, The M has packed most of what you’d expect from a dual-key unit. The studio unit has a kitchenette, although the long walkway (and foyer) isn’t the most efficient.

Perhaps the downsides here would be the small living and dining area for the two bedroom section, although most would agree that the central location may make up for it.

10. Verticus

Three-bedder dual-key Average price PSF Average price
1,378 sq. ft. $1,773 psf $2,442,160

Location: Jalan Kemaman (District 12)

Developer: Soilbuild Group

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2024

Number of units: 162

Key highlights:

Verticus is well priced for a freehold development, located so close to Novena (only about a three-minute drive). It’s also nestled in a foodie area, with a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs just across from Balestier Road.

Balestier Plaza is practically next door. This is an old mall (1985), but plenty of day-to-day amenities like bank branches, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. pack the area. It’s not fancy, but you can find most of what you need.

All in, this makes for a surprisingly convenient location, despite the lack of MRT access.

Verticus also has the second-largest dual-key units on this list; but we don’t know if that’s a clear advantage here. Landlords may not like the quantum being pushed so high, despite the reasonable price PSF.

As for extended families, they’re likely to be ambivalent; while the area is convenient, it’s lacking in greenery and recreational space. Traffic is also quite heavy in the area.

Nonetheless, Verticus is one of the lesser-known freehold properties right now; and at a good price per square foot for a proven area.

Verticus 3 bedroom dual-key floorplan

Unlike Parksuites above, you can really see the size advantage of Verticus here, as the studio unit comes complete with a proper kitchen, dining, and living area (with a balcony too).

In fact, you can think of it as a proper one bedroom unit altogether. This would be a great option for those looking for a more comfortable multi-gen living experience.

Likewise, the bigger two bedroom component has its own kitchen/dining and living with a balcony – and there is no compromise either when it comes it comes to the bathroom situation here.

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