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Letter from the Editor: GE2020 through our lens... and everyone else's

Letter from the Editor: GE2020 through our lens... and everyone else's

Elections are serious business.

They can also be amusing. Or scary (as with adulting).

This General Election (GE), AsiaOne can be your single destination for everything you need to know, want to know, and did not know.

We will carry content that informs your vote, educate young voters, engages your curiosity, and everything in between that makes elections fascinating to follow.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, GE2020 will truly be an online election.

From the run-up to the polls, to the campaigning period, to results night, and even the aftermath, we've built a microsite that pools how AsiaOne sees the elections and how the rest of the media report it.

When you visit us, you're not just reading AsiaOne's reports and features — you're able to conveniently see GE stories from all the major media covering it.

No lack of perspectives. No hassle. No FOMO.

If you're not a policy person, if economic restructuring and lift upgrading put you to sleep, AsiaOne's own reporters and video producers will suss out the lighthearted and sometimes outrageous side of hustling for your vote.

How would you rate the Instagram game of our local politicians?

That time political rivals Tan Chuan-Jin and Low Thia Khiang shared some durians and bak chang.

We also promise to follow Lee Bee Wah closely.

A young or blur voter? As always, AsiaOne is here to learn with you, not teach you. We have explainer articles and videos to help you become an informed citizen — while making politics interesting.

What's that cheem word they just used? What are these "parties" you don't have to go to but will come to you instead?

We also asked a first-time voter to walk you through this rocket science.

If you thought politics was boring — did you know two men in opposing parties now had co-starred in sitcom Happy Belly? Did you know residents of our many surrounding islands are also eligible to vote?

Besides an interactive map that helps you check your constituency by postal code, and updates real-time with electoral contests on Nomination Day and vote count on results night, our microsite lets you filter content by political party and constituency.

This not only defines our commitment to be useful for you, the voter, in acquiring all the information to make a wise choice, but is in line with our mission to provide fair and independent coverage across the political spectrum. If you wish, you can toggle between stories of the ruling People's Action Party and of the opposition parties.

So buckle up — elections are never boring, you just need to come to the right place.

The writer is the Head of Content for AsiaOne.

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