Father's Day 2021: 18 best Father's Day gifts for the superhero in your life

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Scratching your head over what to get for that father figure in your life this Father's Day? Well, have no fear, we've got a list of ideas!

With prices ranging from just $10 to over $500, here's a rundown of the best gift ideas for that superhero in your life - no matter your budget.

As you can probably tell by now, we're still buzzing from that first episode of Loki (the latest spin-off series from the Marvel Universe on Disney+).

So instead of just any ordinary listicle to help you decide what to get for the man who has everything, we decided to switch things up.

From the fix-it-yourself fathers, to the intellectual gym-dads, and even ye ol' loveable grandpa(s) - here are 18 Father's Day gifts to celebrate that heroic father figure in your life!

1. For the Thors: DIY and fitness products

Remember that scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where all the other heroes tried to lift Thor's Hammer with no luck?

Yeah, this one:

PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/TopMovieClips

It was in that moment (amongst many others) that we all came to realise that, wow Thor truly is as strong as he looks!

If you feel like your dad fits the bill, then the following gifts are for you.

1. Theragun mini by Therabody

PHOTO: Therabody

Good things come in mini packages, even massage guns - and the Theragun Mini is a testament to that adage!

While it may wield a lesser impact than the OG Theragun Prime, this pocket-sized version still packs a surprisingly huge punch.

With three speed settings (that's only two less than the Prime) and an impressive 150-minute battery life, the Mini is designed for those who enjoy the convenience of having a deep tissue massage whenever and wherever.

TBH, even if he isn't active in the gym, your old man will appreciate you for this.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here for US$199 (S$264.03)

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2. Hammer set by Gedore

PHOTO: Gerode

For dads who enjoy wielding a hammer every now and again, this gift would make the perfect companion for any DIY fiend!

Introducing Gedore, a German tool-making company, that specialises in crafting gorgeous hammers out of high-quality steel and hickory wood.

How's that for making dad feel like the ultimate hero? After all, what would Thor be without Mjollnir?

Purchase your Father's Day gift here for €130.78 (S$209.96).

3. Fitness dice by Uncommon Goods

PHOTO: Uncommon Goods

No weights, no problem! Pops can now enjoy 45,000 different types of bodyweight workouts with a roll of the dice (or seven, in this case!).

The Fitness Dice kit is perfect for whipping any dad-bod back into shape, or for fitness buffs to find new workout routine inspo.

Now all he needs is a mat and a bit of determination to go from zero to hero.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here for $25.21

2. For the Bruce Banners: Stress-relieving products

Apart from his insatiable thirst for knowledge, Bruce Banner is probably the most calculated and cerebral Avenger of the lot.

That is, till his alter ego takes over.

While Natasha Romanoff's lullaby works for the Hulk, we can't be saying "the sun's getting real low" to our stressed-out dads at the office. So, we came up with some alternatives.

1. #feedyourshelf book subscription by BooksActually

PHOTO: BooksActually

Keep your dad's stress at bay by keeping the gifts coming the whole year - two books each month!

Not only do you get to have your pick from highly anticipated new releases, you're also allowed to customise your books to his genre-liking.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from $68.00

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2. Meditative sand wonderscape by Uncommon Goods

Image credits: Uncommon Goods

Ever seen those videos of monks raking the Zen rock gardens of Japan on your Instagram-slash-Facebook feed, and got mesmerised for hours?

Well, now you can gift that entrancing moment of calm to your dad via The Meditative Sand Wonderscape kit.

It comes with concrete spheres that form gorgeous motifs in the sand and encourages one to learn the art of letting go of every moment and being mindful of the present.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from S$91.55

3. 30-day slow life challenge by DOIY


In a world that moves so incredibly fast, it's important that we intentionally slow down to find our own pace. Remind dad to take care of himself with the DOIY 30-Day Slow Life Challenge.

Every day brings with it one new activity. It can be as simple as taking a deep breath, and range up to other spontaneous activities i.e. going for a hike in nature.

You may not see immediate results, but we're certain that by the end of the month, he'll be a lot less stressed-out!

Purchase your Father's Day gift here for £9.95.

3. For the T'Challas: Fashion and self-care

If there's one thing for sure, it's that the Black Panther is probably the most stylish and put-together superhero in the Marvel Universe - even when he is not in his futuristic hero-garb.

Help your father emulate that regal-chic Wakandan vibe by taking a leaf out of T'Challas's book for an instant dapper upgrade.

Fun fact: The style in the film was so celebrated that Marvel hosted their very own Black Panther NYFW show!

1. Moroccan neroli shaving set by Aesop

PHOTO: Aesop

As biased as this may sound, Aesop is probably the pinnacle of luxury without the frills. This is why this shaving duet is perfect for the men who enjoy the finer things in life minus the pretentiousness.

Featuring a blend of hydrating botanicals like Sandalwood and Neroli Blossom, your dad can expect to have smooth, calm and nice smelling skin post-shave - leaving him ready to conquer the day like the true boss he is.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here for $110.00

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2. Customised signet ring by Something Gold (Etsy)

PHOTO: Etsy/Something Gold

In Black Panther, you might've noticed that T'challa was wearing a silver ring left behind by his father.

If you're looking for a sentimental father's day gift this year, why not customise a fancy signet ring for dad?

Head over to Something Gold on Etsy, a shop that specialises in creating mementos in the form of jewellery.

Simply send over your idea, choose a size and a material and they'll take care of the rest.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from US$93.

3. REPLICA: Jazz club perfume by Maison Margiela (Sephora)

PHOTO: Sephora.sg

It's a scent fit for any gentleman, Jazz Club by Maison Margiela is notable for its woody, earthy, and spicy tones that come from a Rum and tobacco leaf absolute and vanilla beans.

A nod to well, the Jazz Club of the Golden Age, a spritz of this concoction and he'll be ready to go from business meeting to date night with mom!

Purchase your Father's Day gift here for $185.00

4. For the Iron-Mans: Creative, ground-breaking products

We all love Tony Stark for his insanely cool tech toys and snarky comebacks.

With an eye for detail and a knack for invention - it's no wonder that he's known to be the undisputed (cool) geek of the group!

If your dad is a fervent fan of tech, and/or always on the prowl for the latest and greatest on Kickstarter, these gifts will definitely interest him!

1. Temperature-controlled mug by Ember

PHOTO: Ember

Sometimes the most brilliant inventions stem from simple insights - like Ember's self-warming mug.

Perfect for the home office or taking with him on the road, this ingenious invention was designed to keep dad's Kopi-o Kosong nice and toasty all day long (or up to one and a half hour without the charging coaster).

He'll never have to drink stale coffee again.

Available in two sizes and two colours.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from US$99.95.

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2. Oculus quest 2 by Oculus

PHOTO: Oculus

There's nothing more futuristic than a Virtual Reality gadget, and Oculus is a trail-blazer in that arenal.

Up your dad's street cred with his friends by gifting him this piece of cutting edge technology where users can now watch films with their friends, attend sports events and even paint!

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from US$399.

3. Audio sunglasses (Soprano) by Bose


Remember growing up with TV shows (think Totally Spies circa 2001) where spies had cool gadgets that took the guise of everyday accessories like sunglasses?

Well, your dad may not be James Bond, but wearable tech he can don.

Your dad can now listen to his favourite bangers and keep his vision 20-20 (thanks to the polarised lens) by just putting these bad boys on.

And no, it doesn't function like speakers - the Bose Frames come with embedded micro speakers that only deliver sound to you. Get this for dad and he'll look like he's living it up in 3005.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from US$249.

5. For the Star-Lords: Old-school everything

Apart from being the hilarious, fun-loving guy in Guardians of The Galaxy, Peter Quill aka Star Lord is also known for his retro cassette player full of old school tunes.

If your dad is a fan of the oldies, has an old shoebox full of nostalgic keepsakes and is constantly scavenging for vintage finds, then these gifts are for you.

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1. Cruiser deluxe turntable by Crosley

PHOTO: Crosley

While our ears may be accustomed to high-quality digital audio, there's nothing quite as arresting as the sound of a vinyl record.

This classic Crosley turntable may be frowned upon by most audio snobs but it might be a fun entry-level gift for the budding audiophile.

Not only does it come in nine different colours, it's also housed in a lightweight suitcase so that he can take it around with him easily.

It even comes with a Bluetooth receiver in case you want to test out how it sounds on a pair of speakers!

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from US$69.95.

2. Old-school wet plate photography session by Hip Xiong

PHOTO: Hip Xiong

No, this is not your typical black and white portrait photography. In fact, Wet plate is an analog medium that predates film, giving photos an interesting finish.

Instead of a physical gift, give a unique experience like no other with a session by Hip Xiong, Lion City's one and only wet plate tintype portrait studio!

Tip: Instead of purchasing a single portrait session for dad, get the whole family involved and create a memory that he can have forever!

Purchase a couple portrait session here for $300, or a single portrait for $200.

3. Personalised retroviewer by Uncommon Goods

PHOTO: Uncommon Goods

This was probably one of our most cherished childhood toys.

Instead of settling for generic cartoons, you can now create your very own montage of cherished memories with dad, allowing him to take a trip down memory lane whenever he wants.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from S$39.74

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6. For the Lokis: Fun games and puzzles

Trick of the eye or sleight of the hand? If fun and games are a staple in your dad's life, then he'll probably adore these gifts inspired by the God of Mischief himself.

1. Gradient puzzle set by Areaware

PHOTO: Areaware

A test of eyesight and patience, this gradient puzzle set is not for the faint of heart.

While its intention is for the user to meditate on colour, we can totally imagine how hilariously frustrating it would be for dads across the island to piece together this 500 piece set - picture the victory lap they'd make once it's complete!

Purchase your Father's Day gift here for US$25.

2. Constantin brainteasers by Uncommon Goods

PHOTO: Uncommon Goods

After over 40 years of puzzle making, the well-known puzzle inventor Jean Claude Constantin has gathered quite a collection of beautiful and fun brain teasers.

This particular set will require dad to move a tiny ball through intricate laser-cut tiers, corridors and gears.

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from $26.50

3. Bean boozled by Jelly Belly

PHOTO: Amazon

If we could blame the creation of this game on a god, it'd probably be Loki. An iconic game that left a literal bad taste in the mouths of many, Bean Boozled is more than just a fad.

After all, who wouldn't want to see their friends and loved ones react to the taste of Spoiled Milk when they were hoping it was Coconut?

Purchase your Father's Day gift here from USD 7.98.

Show dad how super he is!

As we get older, life inevitably gets in the way of sacred family time. Thus it's vital that on special occasions like these, we carve out the time and effort to show dad how much we care!

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