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Need a fake boyfriend for CNY? This dude is selling his services for just $50 a day

Need a fake boyfriend for CNY? This dude is selling his services for just $50 a day
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/_wayneee_

For most, Chinese New Year revolves around spending time with our families over a hearty reunion meal whilst exchanging red packets and showing off our new outfits

But for others, the occasion is a stressful one as they have to navigate their way around intrusive questions from nosy relatives about their relationship status.

If you too are fretting over such a predicament and would like to find a way to avoid it at all costs, you can consider engaging this TikToker who is renting himself out as a fake boyfriend for just $50 a day. 

The man, who goes by the handle @_wayneee_, took to the video-sharing platform to advertise his services today (Jan 21), and has already received over 99,000 views and a number of comments from would-be clients. 

@_wayneee_ im srs #fyp #tiktoksg #cny ♬ Polaroid Love - ENHYPEN

Apart from posing as your boyfriend so that people will "stop asking why you are still single", he also says that he can be your personal chauffeur by driving you around to help you "bainian (offer Chinese New Year greetings) and collect angbaos". 

Have pesky relatives who won't stop bothering you? He says that he will help you deal with them so that you can enjoy your Chinese New Year without any disruptions. 

And it seems like he's pretty skilful in the gambling department as well, sharing that he's able to play blackjack, poker, baccarat and mahjong with your relatives. He even adds that he can play mahjong 3/6 and 5/1 with "no problems". 

Additionally, when it comes to all those Chinese New Year goodies, he says that he can help feed you bak kwa and pineapple tarts. Apart from that, he will even go the extra mile to make sure your "hotpot shabu meat is cooked fully before you eat it" and better yet — he will help you peel your prawns and crabs!

And for those of you who need an Instagram boyfriend to help you take #OOTD photos for the 'gram, @_wayneee_ says that he can do just that too. 

It seems as if he might just find himself booked and busy over the Chinese New Year period — his posts has already attracted over 200 comments, some of which indicated their interest in his services. 

Some netizens also expressed their shock over how cheaply he priced his services. 

Others have pointed out that Wayne will probably be profiting more from this set up as he will get to collect red packets as well. 

And there are some who added that if you beat him in a game of mahjong, you may not even have to pay him anything at all. 

But of course, since we are living in the midst of a pandemic, the most important question pertains to his vaccination status. 

Such services aren't new by any means, with boyfriends and girlfriends for hire taking to social media to advertise their services as the festive period approaches each year. 

There are also platforms such as RentBabe available year-round, where one can rent dates for events, or simply to hang out. 

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