New Chief of Air Force takes command

The new Chief of Air Force, BG Hoo Cher Mou, taking his oath at the Change of Command Parade this evening.

SINGAPORE - The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) welcomed its new Chief of Air Force this evening at a Change of Command Parade held at Tengah Air Base.

Brigadier-General (BG) Hoo Cher Mou received the Air Force command symbol from Major-General (MG) Ng Chee Meng.

MG Ng reviewed two Guards-of-Honour and six marching contingents formed by airmen from the various RSAF Commands at the parade. The parade also featured a static display of RSAF's air and ground assets.

BG Hoo, joined the SAF in 1984. He was awarded the SAF Overseas Training Award (Academic) in 1985 and the SAF Postgraduate Scholarship in 1999.

In the course of his military career, BG Hoo has held several senior command and staff appointments including Commanding Officer, 203 Squadron, Head, Air Plans Department, Commander, Air Systems Brigade, Head, Air Training Department, Commander, Air Defence and Operations Command, Chief of Staff - Air Staff and Chief of Staff - Joint Staff.

The parade was witnessed by Chief of Defence Force (CDF) Lieutenant-General (LG) Neo Kian Hong, and attended by senior SAF officers and servicemen from the RSAF.

MG Ng will be taking over LG Neo as CDF during a Change of Command Parade which will be held on March 27.

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