The cause of stress among Malaysian women

Suspicions about an adulterous husband as well as worries about poor-performing children and being jobless have led to much of the stress among Malaysian women, re-ported Berita Harian.

Those with jobs worry they have to work much harder to gain recognition compared with men and they are anxious to give a good impression of themselves to others.

Clinical sociologist Datuk Dr Wan Halim Othman said women were sticklers for perfection which is the main cause for stress.

"If not curbed, stress levels will continue to rise resulting in abnormal behaviour," said Dr Wan Halim on the Nielsen survey which listed Malaysians as the 16th most stressed women in the world.

However, he said being in the 16th place was quite good and showed local women knew how to handle stress, compared with women in India who have to deal with economic issues.

Malaysia Social Institute director Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Fadzil Che Din said Malaysian women placed great emphasis on their careers, especially when they were given opportunities to take posts previously dominated by men.

"Women have to work twice as hard but receive half the recognition because some perceive they are not as good as men.

"Self-improvement for women in-clude more personal aspects. Women need to look after themselves more compared with men," he added.