Mon, Dec 13, 2010
Nudist spotted near McDonald's in wee hours of morning

SINGAPORE - A naked man who was spotted at the Ridout Tea Garden of McDonald's in the wee hours of Sunday morning has raised eyebrows and concerns if this is an increasing trend in Singapore.

The New Paper reported today that the naked man has since been arrested.

The incident was first reported on STOMP yesterday.

According to the reader's contribution, the nudist, who appeared to be in his twenties or thirties, had apparently gone to the fast food restaurant at 4am for breakfast.

The witness, Aslan Asat, 26, who was sitting at the al-fresco dining area with some friends at the time of the incident, expressed shock as they saw his full frontal view.

Mr Aslan added that the man was apparently carrying a laptop case but made no attempts to cover his private parts.

According to the Mr Aslan, he wanted to buy coffee over the counter but he was not entertained because of his indecent exposure.

The McDonald's staff told him to leave the restaurant but he loitered around for about 10 minutes before stepping out to make a phone call.

Mr Aslan said: "He went out and called someone, complaining that he wasn't being served."

The naked man did not appear intoxicated.

Subsequently, he left after lighting up a cigarette.


AsiaOne readers have expressed concerns that the nudists are on the rise in Singapore when the story first broke on AsiaOne yesterday.

Forummer small small fish wrote this in the AsiaOne forum:

"So now, slowly there will be more and more of such horny men walking around our neighbourhood because they can get away with this? How come this person wasn't caught ?

"It seems that there are more odd balls in SG society. Is this a paedophile, rapist, flasher, sex cheat in the making?"


In The New Paper report, a McDonald's spokesman said: "The restaurant is aware of the incident and had turned the customer away due to the objectionable nature of his behaviour."

"The fast food restaurant has referred the case to the police and investigations are under way."

The Police received a call at about 4.35 am on Sunday and have apprehended the man. Police has referred him to the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric assessment.

If found guilty under, the maximum sentence will be a jail term of up to three months and $2,000 fine under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance Act).

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