Alien Huang wants to fall in love

Alien Huang's romance with Taiwanese cutie pie singer Rainie Yang had been over a decade ago. But up to today, their names are still linked together.

His recent trip to Malaysia saw the singer-host fielding questions regarding his chances of getting back together with his former flame.

"You guys are very interested in this!" he said with a laugh. "It happened so long ago. It's about 10 years already. Even my 10-year-old fan asked me this question. I was like, 'You were not even born yet when we're together!"

Yang, 27, was his first love. They hooked up when they were studying at Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School (the academy which have nurtured some of Taiwanese showbiz's biggest names like Jimmy Lin, Tien Hsin, Barbie and Dee Hsu).

Sorry to dash your hopes, but Huang - who's also fondly known as Xiao Gui - said that there's little chance for them to reignite their romance due to their commitment to their careers.

"I'm not the type that can juggle (between my career and love life). Even now I'm prone to forgetting lyrics, I can't imagine how bad I would be if I'm in love!" he joked, adding that Yang is busy, too.

Rather, their relationship has morphed into something else, with Huang describing his famous ex-girlfriend as "a sister" to him.

"Even though I have not met her in a long time, we have a lot to talk about when we meet up. We keep in touch via phone calls. We are not that kind of friends who have to take an effort to keep in touch or the kind whose relationship grow distant after not staying in touch for a while," he explained.

Just how does he view all her other rumoured lovers (Joseph Chang and Sunny Wang)?

"I'll just see it as gossip if she never personally confirms it. And I won't ask her about it either. We don't talk about our love lives. However, if it's true (that she's dating someone), I'll give my blessings," he said carefully.

However, he contradicts himself by saying that he doesn't rule out the possibility of falling in love with her again in the future. Emmm....

"It's hard to predict the future. One's feelings might change several years from now. So I don't confine myself," he said.

Right now, he has set his sight beyond Yang, as one of his 2012 resolutions is to get a girlfriend.

"Love is essential in one's life as it provides inspiration when it comes to composing songs [laughs]. I'm always cracking my head thinking what to write. That's why my songs tend to consist of adjectives and comparisons and I keep referring to the past. I need to fall in love soon. When (my future girlfriend) dumps me, I'll have something to write about!" he quipped.

Since he is eager to be romantically linked to someone other than Yang, how about her equally cute counterparts, such as Cyndi Wang and Hu Die Jie Jie (his co-host on 100% Entertainment)?

"Cyndi is my senior, while Hu Die Jie Jie was my classmate (at Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School). We've known each other for too long.

"I believe in fate. If you are destined to be together, no matter how far you are from her, you will eventually meet each other," he said.

He might sound like a hopeless romantic, but the boyish 28-year-old comes off as more of a workaholic, when he revealed that he missed out on many potential romantic candidates in the past as he was busy focusing on his career.

Apart from hosting alongside Show Lo on popular Taiwanese variety show 100% Entertainment, his recording career is also flourishing, having recently dropped his new studio album Break Heart, Black Heart.

He tackled the theme of heartaches in his latest disc, crooning about lost loves and broken hearts in a collection of ballads. Two of the songs saw him collaborating with Ashin and Monster of Taiwanese rock band Mayday.

"They are so busy and it's difficult to get their songs. I'm happy to get two," he gushed.