Tony said: "I remember you used to love the dialogue from this movie. Since you've been gone more than 3,000 days ago, I finally understood the meaning behind these words. After so many years, it made me realise the significance in preserving these moments. Even though we can no longer meet, I won't forget the friend I've made in a minute. Sometimes when I look up in the sky, I will search for a bird without legs."

"It's a little sad here tonight because we are missing an important person. We haven't met for ten years, but I really want to know, do you still miss us?" The screen jumps to a footage from one of Leslie's concerts. Leslie says, "I've missed all of you the most."

During another segment in the concert, Tony reveals a secret. "There's something that I've always wanted to tell you. Not long after you left, I still continued keeping your number on my cellphone. There was a time I accidentally pressed your number and heard a very familiar voice…"

The recording plays out on stage and everyone hears Leslie's voice asking to 'leave a message'. Tony continues speaking, "At that time, I left a message for you. I said, 'Why don't we start over from the beginning?' When we filmed Happy Together, that was a line Ho Po Wing often used when speaking to Lai Yiu Fai. I'm sure I'm not the only one on stage tonight who wishes we could start over from the beginning. If you could leave a message for us now, what would you want to say?"

The screen jumps to a footage from Leslie's 2000 Passion Tour concert. Leslie says: "If it weren't for everyone here, I wouldn't have been able to stand for so long, for so many years. However, it's hard for me to say these words in Chinese, because it seems kind of….but I'll say it in English. 'I love you, I love you all!'"

Vivian Chow performed If You Knew My Predicament, which was a song Leslie wrote for her. She sobbed: "Perhaps to Leslie, this song was easy to compose, but to me it is a matchless honor."

She also had a romantic duet with Chilam Cheung, When Love is Already the Past. Kelly Chen and Joey Yung performed Leslie's very popular classics, while Kiki Sheung sang the theme song to the 1984 TVB series Once Upon an Ordinary Girl, in which she co-starred with Leslie.

At the end of the concert, Florence teared up backstage, sighing that the concert production wasn't perfect enough. The group of singers comforted her, saying that she did a great job and "Gor Gor" must've happily accepted this gift. 

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