Six members resign from opposition Singapore People's Party

Six members of opposition Singapore People's Party have resigned.

A local news source said their numbers include former civil servant Benjamin Pwee and Wilfred Leung, who many were expecting to succeed incumbent party secretary-general Mr Chiam See Tong.

The resignations come ahead of SPP's Party Congress to be held on Sunday, where a new Central Executive Committee (CEC) is to be formed.

The members cited differences in opinion about party leadership styles and the future direction as reasons behind their leaving.

They also said deep and long-term relationships within key CEC members were broken down, the news source reported.

Mr Chiam See Tong said on SPP's Facebook page that the party respects the six CEC members' decision to pursue their own interests.

"There is no change at the moment and it's operations as usual.

"The Party under the leadership of Chiam See Tong will continue to seek new passionate and talented individuals who will pursue the opposition cause cohesively for the betterment of Singapore," the post read.